Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Voluntold - (Korea) Day 309

The new ROK uniforms...I can't believe they went to a beret!

Work call this morning was at 0800. We were voluntold to participate in a ceremony. The worst part was that the ceremony was for something downright retarded. The name of our battalion is changing from STB-K to HHB. Big freaking deal! They have to have a stupid ceremony for it. Anyways you can tell how much I actually cared to be a part of this momentous occasion. We had to stand in formation and go through a rehearsal which consisted of us standing in formation moving a couple times from parade rest to attention and so forth. We then were released to stand around the field for about an hour and a half before the actual ceremony started. Once the ceremony started it took about a half hour to finish. What a joke…I really can't believe they had a ceremony for this. Anyway…on with the day.

I headed to the office and checked my email and such. I came across something that literally turned my world upside-down. Unfortunately I can't speak much of it right now until I speak with my wife first, but I can tell you my jaw dropped and I walked around in disbelief all day.

I did a little IMO stuff such as take a laptop to be imaged to the help desk. It would not boot from my netboot cd, so I was unable to re-image myself. The helpdesk will have to use alternative methods. I also pushed through the secure network access paperwork for PV2 Charlie. All the required documents have been collected and sent off. We'll see how long it takes to get him setup.

I headed to lunch with Special K and SPC Roy. On the way out to the car I saw who I thought was SPC Roy bent over tying his boots. The last name was the same, the body type was the same, so I stopped and waited for him to finish…only to find a LTC come up looking at me with a puzzled look…wondering why I was standing there hanging out with him. I'm really glad I didn't give him a "good game" slap on the butt or anything. That would have been a disaster. SPC Roy said he was watching me in his car wondering what the heck I was doing…anyway we all left and ate at the food court.

Once back I had to drive our NCOIC and PV2 Charlie to CIF so he could get all his gear issued to him finally. We then headed back and I helped PV2 Charlie unload everything into his room. Back at the office we cleaned up and everyone left except me, I stayed back with Special K to help him study for the board. About 15 minutes later our NCOIC comes in and says to recall everyone. Evidently there was a meeting missed on the events calendar and we have to setup for it tonight. Once everyone was back we all had to hear about it for a bit. I guess there was a mess up last week when we were on the tour and now this one. Pretty soon we'll start getting into some serious trouble when things like this happen. Unfortunately the possibility is high now with two new people training. SPC Mick and the KATUSAs stayed back to setup for the meeting because PV2 Charlie and I had to make sure to come in on time tomorrow for the normal Wednesday morning meeting.

Once back in my room I hung out for a while, we were supposed to have an inspection…but nobody reminded our NCOIC…on purpose…lol. I ate dinner and watched a Hawaii Five-0. I worked on a Windows 7 SkillPort, then watched some more TV shows….NCIS & NCIS LA. I love that the new seasons have all started! My roommate wanted to order chicken, so I ended up going in on it with him and we had a late night snack as well. Hopefully I'll get to work out tomorrow…I just hope we get to leave work on time and there are no room inspections.

Status of my move: I don’t want to talk about it right now....

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