Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things That Go Bump on the Door - (Korea) Day 332

I heard a rumor that we were going to have another room inspection today by our first sergeant. I never believe rumors anymore, but sure enough someone was banging on my door at 0500. They didn't say anything and I didn't answer it. They banged on my door a couple more times, but I just laid in my bed. If they can't tell me in advance to be ready by a certain time, then don't expect me to be. Also if you're going to bang on the door say something like "hey this is sergeant John Doe…open up for inspection". How am I to know that you're not just some person just being a jackass? Have I mentioned lately that I really hate living in the barracks?

Work call was at 0830 and I arrived, checked my email and then watched a little TV until it was time to setup for a meeting in our conference room. I had everyone clean up a bit and then we setup. SPC Mick stayed up in the control room to flip slides while the rest of us headed down to setup for another peculiar meeting. I'm not sure why we were doing this one because it's not one of the generals that we support and it's not in any of our conference rooms. Who really cares though…I'm just  a private I do what I'm told.

SPC Roy's major in his office was having a computer problem and he asked if I could come take a look. I was hoping my demigod card would have it's admin powers in his OU, but unfortunately it lost all it's powers when I took it away from my small network. I was unable to help them out. I was rewarded anyway with my choice of hot dog, chili, with a number of sides. I chose a bowl of rice covered with chili…so good and also reminds me of my wife. Poor SPC Roy is in the process of trying to lose weight. He's going about it the wrong way, but he wants results fast. He's basically starving himself and only drinking a ton of water and smoking a lot. He is also wearing some sort of waist belt that helps him sweat a lot in that area. He has to sit in that office while all this food is cooking (all for a fund raiser).

I headed to my room for the rest of my lunch break and video chatted with my wife for a while. Once back at work I was able to do a little more IMO work. I had to restore my NCOIC's personal folders for her Outlook. Her current folders got corrupt and she lost a ton of data. She was freaking out. Luckily I made a backup about a week ago when I moved her to a new machine. So when I restored her files she thought I was freakin' awesome. I then headed over to our protocol office and helped the director over there get his computer squared away. He had some settings he needed changed, but needed an admin in order to do so.

Once back at the office our NCOIC tells me and PV2 Charlie to run to the company and get some shower curtains and that they are giving them out first come first served. We both need them because our current curtains are getting moldy. Not sure what it is about the old barracks, but mold definitely likes it here. When we arrived at the barracks we had to answer 20 questions and then the first sergeant wanted to actually see us. When she asked about our current curtains we told her the condition…then she looks at me and says "I don't remember seeing you this morning". Oh Crap! I told her that nobody told me which is actually the truth. I only heard a rumor that she may come and do an inspection, but was never told a time or anything. She then gave us the curtains. She had paid for them out of her pocket which is why she didn't want to just hand them out to anyone. It's probably a good thing that I got a new one though, mine is starting to show more black mold than it does any other colors…now if only I can get my roommate to spread it open when he finishes showering maybe it will dry between uses.

We then cleaned up and everyone went home except me at 1600. I volunteered to stay a little longer until a meeting was finished in our conference room so I could shut everything down and lock up. I ended up leaving about 1630, still early…but not early enough to hit the gym right away without running into rush hour. I eat dinner at the food court and then watch a CSI: Miami in my room. I then worked on schoolwork before heading to the gym and working out. Once finished I watch an episode of The Ultimate Fighter and then call it a night.

PCS Move Update: Not a whole lot going on. I sent S1 an email today asking if there has been any update or change in the status of my paperwork. They had sent everything to Germany to get everything approved so I can take my wife. I received an email back saying they haven't heard anything yet. I wasn't expecting anything yet, but it was worth a try. I'll check back next week.

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