Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Korea) Days 173 & 174

This is near the Moyer Rec Center. "Area Subject to Flooding" SPC Roy said last year
his car was parked here and within a couple hours after a typhoon hit, the entire parking lot
was flooded, his car was under water...and ruined!

Saturday: Slept in until about 0830 and then did my normal routine of laundry and then schoolwork. SPC Roy called and wanted to know if I wanted to go swimming with him. We headed to the pool and swam for a while then sat in the hot tub for a while. He then took me out to lunch at Oasis (the Mexican restaurant in Dragon Hill Lodge). The food is OK, but it's not like a real Mexican restaurant. We both filled ourselves up a little too much. We thought about playing some basketball, but when we started walking with all the food in our bellies we knew that it wouldn't be a good idea. We decided on ping pong instead. There is free ping pong and pool (billiards) at the Moyer Rec Center here on post. We headed over and played for a while. I can say that I've now beat two Asians in ping pong since coming to Korea!

We hung out for a bit in my room before he had to take off. I did some more school work and went to bed somewhat early. I had started to feel sick and a bit down as well.

Sunday: I woke up Sunday not feeling very well at all. I had taken NyQuil last night, but still didn't sleep that well. I started in on my schoolwork again. I have to say that I'm finding this class extremely difficult. It's not that I'm a bad student, I graduated on the dean's list when I got my associate's degree and I graduated at the top of my class in AIT. I am just having a difficult time in this particular online class. I received my first F that I can remember on a paper. The instructor said she's not confidant I fully understood the assignment….ya think?? I felt pretty much numb all day. I was sick, I'm having trouble in my class, and I'm homesick. I was pretty much hating life all day wondering what the hell I'm doing over here.

I ended up working on schoolwork for most of the rest of the day trying to get the next paper ready to turn in. Hopefully I made enough corrections to my project that I will not get such a horrible grade this time. Our team project is also in shambles. Our team is not communicating at all and there is not much I can do about that. I do my part and hope everyone else will do theirs as well.

I was able to video chat with my wife for a bit, then I took a nap and watched some TV shows afterward. I had a lot of plans that I was going to do today, but didn't end up doing anything except stay in my room the entire time feeling sorry for myself. What a waste of a weekend!

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