Thursday, May 12, 2011

PT Test - (Korea) Day 164

One of the photographers took this photo during our colonel's ceremony the
other day. Our colonel is in the middle next to some of the ROK soldier's in our
sister office. I'm in the back row with SPC Roy to the left and CPT Hooah! to the right.
Our supply sergeant is on the bottom right.

This morning we had a PT test scheduled at 0700. Our KATUSA and I were picked up by Special K and we met our sergeant at one of the areas they conduct the test here on Yongsan Garrison. The place is located in Camp Coiner which is actually a portion of the post here. A couple of sergeants met us there to do the grading. There is a little grassy area that we settled down in and each of us performed the push-up portion and sit-up portion of the test one at a time. We then ran on the road in Camp Coiner. They do not block the road off at all, which I soon found can present some challenges. Each lap is 1/2 mile, so we did 4 laps to finish our 2 mile run. During my run I had to be mindful of traffic as I was inhaling the exhaust fumes with each deep breath. At one point a bus heading to the DFAC turned right in front of me forcing me to stop and go around it. I hit the side of it with my fist out of frustration, I couldn't believe I'm trying to take a test and have a freakin' bus cut me off. I ended up doing OK. My unofficial results are 55 push-ups, 42 Sit-ups, and a 16:20 2-mile run. In my old age group this gave me a score of 221. Not the 240 I was hoping for, but not too bad for all the pizza and ice cream I've been eating. I also have hardly done any exercise since being in Korea. Our KATUSA failed his sit-ups, so I'm sure we'll be doing a number of sit-ups here in the near future.
We then headed to the gym to get our height and weight measured. After that we headed back to our rooms to shower and get ready. I video chatted with my wife for a bit and then headed into work about 0945. All day I was sore and tired and so was Special K. We may be getting too old for this! We had no meetings in the morning so I watched some NBA playoffs for a while before setting up a meeting in the secret conference room. We then all headed out to lunch at the food court. We had to make sure to get back before the meeting started, so I could be a door stop (hold the door open for the general) and someone else could call stand-by when he walks in.

Today was the last day of our colonel. I helped him back up all his documents and email to a DVD before he left. He had a ton of email. O6s and above are not given a mailbox restriction on the email server.

One of the SACOs in our office found that the Wikipedia article pertaining to CP Tango was changed. Someone with a sense of humor changed the second paragraph to:

"It is also rumored to be holding an alien spacecraft from AREA 51, and the lone surviving Bigfoot which was taken there for his safety from extinction.

It is composed of highly trained Army Special Forces, Army Rangers, and a few select members of the Black ops group CAG. These service members were hand picked by the President of the United States and are authorized to shoot on site. Command Post Tango is patrolled by 6 trained "Counter Affronted Tigers". These CAT's are rumored to be fed black gun powder to make them more aggressive. These soldiers are rumored to be working on a top secret "Laser Weapons" to defend the world from the alien invasion expected in December 2012."

Around 1600 our sergeant said we could leave early if we clean up the office, but when we were done he gathered us all around and was talking to us for about a half hour. We ended up only leaving about 15 minutes early…lol. When I got to my room I had to lay down for a bit and rest. I then ate a snack and watched another episode of "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena".

I started schoolwork after that. This class I'm currently taking is a bit tougher than previous ones. I'm finding it hard to get motivated to to work. I block out time each night, but I have to force myself to start studying. I can't wait until I have my degree, I'm already tired of going to school. It would be different if I was in an actual class, I've always excelled when in a classroom environment. When I'm taking classes online though it's much tougher for me....uggg!

Overheard Quote: "I'd rather have a chick with an arm missing, a foot missing, and be retarded than be with her anymore" (Our sergeant isn’t too happy with his wife right now)

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