Friday, May 6, 2011

The End of The Pacific - (Korea) Day 158

Our sergeant arm wrestling a ROK soldier from our sister office.
They called it a draw after going at it for a while.

Work call this morning was at 0830. When we arrived we setup for a meeting in our conference room and then for another in the secret conference room. Once that was done guess what I did? I went to our conference control room and started working on some more SkillPorts. I'm getting burned out on SkillPorts, I have to switch back and forth between technical courses and German courses to mix it up a bit.

We cleaned up the secret conference room and then immediately setup for another meeting in there. After that our sergeant bought us lunch as promised. We ordered delivery from The Navy Club. We then watched some shows from a DVD that our sergeant brought in. We dimmed the lights in the conference room and started watching "The Unit" season 4 on the big screens. I've heard of the show before, but never seen it. Our sergeant likes it because this special unit just goes out kicks ass and kills a lot of people. The episode we watched wasn't too bad…I may have to borrow his DVDs for the weekend.

We headed down to clean up the secret conference room and then I did a little more SkillPorts. My body is still sore from yesterday at the range. For most of the day I had the body armor on and it just wears on your body. I'm sore all over! It was a long day too, so I was pretty tired as well. It showed when I was at the computer in the control room office. The lights were off so the projectors would shine on the screen better and I fell asleep right at the computer. I didn't get much SkillPorts done this afternoon!

We cleaned the office and headed out. I headed back to my room and did schoolwork, then watched a TV show. I headed off to PFC Pickle's room to finish watching "The Pacific". We watched the last four hours of the mini-series. These guys on the island hopping campaign in the pacific had it pretty rough. I can't imagine going through the hell that these guys went through. Having to deal with all the mud and diseases going on and of course the Japanese trying to kill you. At the end of the show it shows original photos of some of the main characters in the series. It also goes on to state what they did after the war. Some are still alive today. If you haven't had the chance to see this series yet, I highly recommend it.

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