Friday, May 20, 2011

Security Breach!! - (Korea) Day 172

Yellow Dust! This is our office car the day after there has been a lot of yellow dust in the air.
When it's in the air you don't really notice. The city just looks like there is a lot of smog.
When it all settles is when you really notice it. Makes me not want to go outside
and inhale all this crap!

Work call this morning was at 0800. For some reason Special K wanted us in that early even though our first meeting was at 0945. Usually we come in an hour before the meeting or at 0830 whichever is earlier. We all arrive a bit early and by 0810 we had everything setup and prepared for the 0945 meeting. After that we just sat in the conference control room watching TV and waiting for the meeting to start.

I stayed in the control room during the meeting and watched the NBA playoffs once again. I watched all the way until lunch time and then headed to my room. My roommate was still asleep because he had CQ last night, so I made sure to tip-toe around and be extra quite. I know it sucks to have your sleep interrupted.

When I got back to work I checked my email, surfed the internet, and printed out my 10 SkillPort certificates for my sergeant. We had another small meeting that went on in our conference room, but we didn't have to do much except flip slides. I came out when the meeting had just started and didn't think much of it, I thought it was just another meeting….boy was I wrong. We were told that after the meeting was over we could clean up and leave early for the day. SPC Mick left for a CQ briefing and was gone for the day. Special K had me go with him to the shoppette to purchase some beer for him. I had our KATUSA take over flipping the slides for the meeting. Special K had met his allotment for alcohol this month, but still needed a couple cases for a trip he was planning this weekend. So I purchased some for him since I don't buy too much alcohol and never hit my limit. Special K took off for the day.

When I got back in the office I was confronted by our IMO and the air force sergeant in my office. They asked who loaded the slides on the computers for the last meeting. I said SPC Mick did before he left. Well SPC Mick didn't ask if it was classified or secret material and it turns out that it was. In this case they have to bring their own laptops to display this information. It can not go on our unclassified computers in the conference room. Now I had to take out the hard drives and put in a trouble ticket to have them securely wiped and re-imaged for the machines. Until this is done the hard drives have to be stored in a safe with the other classified and secret material. What a pain. Let's hope this can get done first thing Monday morning. I called SPC Mick and politely reminded him not to put classified or secret material on our conference room computers. Grrrrrr.

I then went back to the office and found out that someone had broke a key off in a door to a very small conference room in our building. Normally this would be a project for Special K, since he was already gone they gave it to me. I had to find a building on post and take the pieces of this key in hopes that they could create a new one. They printed out a piece of paper and told me to go to another building. I took it and left heading off to this other building. When I arrived the guy looked at it and signed the paper and then told me to head off to yet another building. He had to copy a map of the post and show me how to get there. I arrived and handed the locksmith my piece of signed paper and the broken key. He made two copies and then met me back at my office to test them on the door. Success! What a pain in the butt though!!

I cleaned up the office and left at 1700…so much for leaving early, but I can't complain at least I wasn't leaving late. When I got to my room I ate dinner and watched a movie. The movie is called "Locked Down". The movie is totally a "B" movie with pretty bad…errr terrible acting, but I wanted to watch it because it was presented by TapOut and had a number of UFC fighters in the movie such as Kimbo Slice, Rashad Evans, Cheick Kongo, & Forrest Griffin. The plot is a little silly as well, but that of course is not why I wanted to see it. I wanted to see the fighting action. The story is about a cop who is framed and sent to jail. This jail happens to have cage fighting events and the cop happens to be a great fighter. Throw in a couple half naked chicks and you got yourself a "B" movie. Funny to watch for the MMA fan, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone else.

After the movie it was schoolwork time. I spent a while doing schoolwork and plan to spend a lot more time tomorrow as well. I am glad I only have two classes left this year, I'm looking forward to a break. I'm starting to get a little burned out.

I am also getting a lot of headaches lately. I think it's from the sit-ups I did during my PT test a little over a week ago. I know i was yanking on my neck a lot. It could be because I'm sleeping wrong on my neck or something as well. Whatever it is, it's causing me to eat Excedrin like they're candy. I hate it. I felt like having a beer tonight as well, but I've already used up my quota when I purchased all that beer for Special K earlier. I don't feel like going out to a bar either. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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