Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Korea) Days 166 & 167

Spicy Ramen which was very good and spicy. I ordered a #2 on a 1-3 scale of hotness.
I'm pretty sure I could have handled a #3

This weekend was a pretty laid back weekend. I have plans for ones coming up, so I'm not bummed out or anything that I didn't do much.

Saturday: Woke up around 0830 and did laundry. I hate the dryer here (you may hear this every weekend until I'm outta here). There is only one dryer that actually has heat and it was in use when my clothes were finished washing. So I stuck mine in a dryer that just spun my clothes around and blew cold air on them. I kept checking and as soon as the clothes in the good dryer were done, I took out their clothes and placed them on top of the dryer. I then stuck mine in there so they could actually dry. A half hour later they were good to go and the other person's clothes were still on top. I started laundry at 0830 right after I woke up and wasn't able to finish until about 1230…good grief.

I was able to video chat with my wife though and then do a lot of schoolwork. I usually try and reserve Saturday to finish a lot of my schoolwork. The young hawaiian gave me a call and asked if I wanted to see "Fast Five" (the fifth installment of The Fast & Furious movie series). It is playing at the iPark Mall which is not too far from post. We left with another friend of his and headed out towards the mall. When we arrived we found the theatre in the mall (it's a huge mall). The way they sell tickets for the shows is interesting. You take a number and wait until your number is called. There is no line, just a small crowd of people waiting for their number to be called. We waited patiently and then purchased our tickets when our number finally showed.

We had about an hour before the show, so we found a place to eat in the mall. I had some spicy ramen which was excellent. (I did find out later that it comes out just as hot). We went into the show which was being shown in 4D. There were no 3D effects at all, but what we did experience actually made you feel like you were in the movie. The seats move during certain sequences and may even jerk or jump when a car slams against the wall or something. We could feel air blowing and different scents came for instance when they were on the beach. There were also little parts of the back seat that would move, especially during a fight scene when a person was thrown against a wall. The whole experience was pretty cool. I've been to similar ones at Universal studios and DisneyWorld, but this was the first normal movie that I've been to in 4D. I would recommend it for sure. It brings a new level to the movie watching experience.

The young hawaiian got a call from a a girl (that is a friend) and planned on going out with her to some club later on. He asked both me and his other friend if we wanted to join them. We both declined. As for me, the club scene is just not my scene. I also do not want to stay out until 5 in the morning either. I don't mind going out for a few beers, but not anything crazy like that. I chose to head back to my room and relax while watching a couple TV shows.

Sunday: I woke up around 0830 again. I had all intentions of even sleeping later, but my bladder and my body wouldn't have it. I got up and video chatted with my wife for a while. I then cleaned my room. Sweep, mop, and wipe everything down. I only clean my side and the bathroom, I don't touch my roommates side.

I got out for a bit and headed to get my hair cut. I went to the food court and had some ice cream, then headed to the library just to check it out. I haven't been to it yet and wanted to see what they had to offer. After that I headed to visit the young hawaiian who was on CQ duty at his barracks. I took my laptop so we could swap TV shows and movies. I asked him how last night went and he said he stayed out until 3AM. That seems pretty early for his usual weekends, but then again he did have a CQ shift today. When I asked him how the night went he said it was full of lies and deception. He's starting to get worried that he's going to forget everything he's told this girl. The girl is 27, so he told her that he's 26 (he's much younger). He also told her he's not in the army, he's a contractor with the US government. He lives in an apartment off post (but his roommate's parents are over, so they can't go there). Oh and he told her he's half Korean. When she asked about his last name, he said he took his mother's name. The guy is in pretty deep now…it's going to be hard for him to keep everything straight when he's around this girl…lol.

When I got back to my room I watched a movie the young hawaiian gave me. OMG! The movie (based on a true story) is called 127 hours and is about a hiker that goes out and gets stuck in a canyon. His arm is crushed by a boulder and pins it so he is trapped. He ends up cutting his own arm off in order to free himself. It's pretty crazy, I'm not sure if I could do that!

I now am under the 200 day mark for my stay left in Korea, I can’t wait to be reunited with my family!!!

Overheard Quote: "They don't even have normal people on the billboards here, you know black or white...they are all Korean!" (A black lady in the young hawaiian's barracks who was complaining about being in Korea. She couldn't believe that all their billboards and advertisements had Koreans as models. She felt that they were not very inviting to foreigners)

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