Friday, February 28, 2014

A Sick Acupuncturist - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 266

My alarm went off at 0420, I got up and took a couple steps…then decided I was not going to go in today and got back in bed. My squad leader was not going to be in and I don’t think anyone else would miss me being there. I went back to sleep until about 0700 or so, that’s about when I needed to get up and get ready for my 0900 acupuncture appointment today.

On my drive to Ft. Lewis I received a call and found out that my acupuncturist had called in sick today and all her appointments were cancelled…I guess she doesn’t poke herself enough. This was going to be my last appointment anyway for acupuncture, but I wish I would’ve found out before I started heading in. I continued to drive in and parked in the WTB parking lot where I took a nap. Once I got back up and going, I went into the SFAC and checked my army email. I then stopped by my NCM and dropped off the VA paperwork she gave me yesterday along with my ratings information.

I headed to the pain clinic a bit early for my chiropractic appointment. My neck pain was starting to get worse, but the manipulation he gave me seemed to help out. After the chiropractor I drove back home and did schoolwork. Taking two classes at once is quite a change from what I’m used to, it requires a bit more planning. I then spent some time job searching. I’ve been averaging applying for about 1 or 2 jobs a day.

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