Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Days 246 & 247

Didn’t do a whole lot this weekend, except hang out with my son. My son and I went to watch my little niece play soccer and while there SPC Mac gave me a call. He is still pretty stoked about his percentages he received. I was able to talk to him a little more about them. He said his ankle issues (which was the reason for his medboard) only gave him 20%. He received a lot more for other issues they found…the biggest was for behavior health, he had a lot of anxiety while in the army. In fact we both felt pretty much the same way, only he went to get it treated while in, so there is a long record of him getting help for it. Now I’m thinking I should have done the same. Having anxiety medication and treatment probably would have helped me get through my army time while in Germany…and it would also be nice to claim for a percentage when getting out. Oh well.

My son and I watched UFC 169 and played it pretty low key for the entire weekend. It was awesome just hanging out with him and my wife…I just soak it all up as much as I can because I missed so much while being in the army. It was strange not having any football on Sunday! I did weigh myself on Sunday, now I’ve been eating a little healthier and staying away from sweets. I weighed in at 213.8 down from 222 last Sunday. I think if I continue to workout and stay away from the sweets that I should be just fine if I end up getting weighed in on the 19th. I have to be 205 by then. I’ll also continue to make some green smoothies as well to replace a meal or two and get my veggies in me. I started doing our 2013 taxes, but had to stop when my mortgage website was down for scheduled maintenance and I couldn’t retrieve an online statement.

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