Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bored - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 251

I sent my squad leader a text “MOU Today” and then headed to the naval shipyard in Bremerton. Started the day off as usual checking both army and navy emails. I then surfed the web for a while. I’ve mentioned this before, but after a while surfing the web can just get boring. I was bored out of my mind today, wondering what am I doing here? I surfed every news site I could find, read boring articles just to pass the time. I just thought this internship working in the navy IT department would actually be something that would keep me busy. I tried to do the server checks, but there was something wrong with the database…so I couldn’t even do that to pass the time.

I ate lunch at my desk and continued to surf the web. The highlights of the day were filling up my bottle with water from the water cooler and then making multiple trips to the bathroom. I continued to surf the web to the point I just couldn’t do it anymore…I then turned to my iPhone to pass the time. A little Plants vs Zombies helped with this.

Out of the blue my co-worker asked if I wanted to see the process he does to scan for vulnerabilities. I said sure, and watched over his shoulder as he ran a scan, showed me the results and then remoted into various machines to fix the vulnerabilities. This is a never ending process for him, because it seems vulnerabilties are always coming up. Watching him do the whole process kind of tied things up for me, I’ve heard various discussions around the office and didn’t know exactly what they were talking about until I saw the process. It’s similar to what I used to do at a previous job…only I didn’t run the scans, just fixed the issues.

By the time he was finished showing me, it was time for me to leave…which I did. When I got home, I did schoolwork. A pretty boring day overall!

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