Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TCM Headache and Sleep - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 249

This morning morning formation was at Keeler Gym, I came in ACUs because I had an appointment at 0800 with my NCM. All those with appointments fell out to the rear and had the first sergeant ask each person when and where their appointment is. The guy next to me showed her his appointment slip and then complained “how come I’m the only guy who shows his appointment slip?”. The funny thing is everyone else just stated when and where their appointment was and the first sergeant moved on to the next. The guy before me said when and where it was and held up his appointment slip. The first sergeant took it and closely examined it before moving on to me. I just verbally told her I had my NCM appointment at 0800 and she moved on. I did have my appointment slip in my pocket, but I’m not going to pull it out for examination unless I’m asked.

After formation I headed to my car and drove to the WTB parking lot, then ate my breakfast, pulled up my blanket, and tried to relax. I had a real crappy night trying to sleep last night, so I thought I might fall right asleep, but for some reason it just wasn’t happening. Maybe it’s meant to be that I’m going to this group class for headaches and sleep. I headed to my NCM appointment at 0800. Her computer was down so she couldn’t input any information or print off a new appointment sheet for me. I just had one printed off though yesterday after all that mess at the appointment desk in the pain clinic. I’ve already input all my appointments into my calendar. I use my iPhone calendar for pretty much everything…it helps me keep everything straight.

After my NCM appointment I headed to the pharmacy and picked up my muscle relaxer refill, surprisingly it wasn’t too busy yet. I then headed up to the pain clinic for my Traditional Chinese Medicine Headache and Sleep group class at 1000. When we all walked in, we found a chair for each of us along with a tub, a towel, and a handout. We were told to fill up our tub with hot water and then come back. We all lined up at the sink and then filled up our tubs one at a time. Some were better than others walking it back without spilling. The instructor put some Epsom salt in each tub and had everyone take off their boots or shoes and start soaking their feet. The instructor is the other acupuncturist in the pain clinic. They rotate teaching this class each month. As we were soaking our feet the instructor went over our handout pointing out all the various places on our feet and hands that can be used for acupressure. Applying pressure or massaging certain spots on our hands and feet will help with headaches and sleep. We are supposed to try this at least 3 times before out next class in a week. I already do the foot soak in Epsom salt about 5 times a week on the advice of my acupuncturist, so I’ll just add in the pressure points. It would be nice if it helped with sleep and my pain. Time will tell I suppose.

I drove home and ate lunch, then did schoolwork. Now I have the rest of the day off to just kick back and relax!

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