Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Chaplain's Assistant - (Germany) Day 343

I arrived at my new office at 0800 this morning to start my day off with the chaplain. I basically did the same thing I did yesterday and boxed up books. I'm taking it slow because I learned my lesson working too fast in S1. I had an appointment at the physical therapist to get my profile extended. He asked some questions and had me lay down while doing some massages on my neck. He extended my profile another month, I'll have to go back to my primary provider from now on because physical therapy has not been able to do anything to help out with my headaches.

I headed home for lunch and then back to my new office to box up some more books…it keeps me busy I guess. I changed for PT at about 1530 and headed over to the gym early. We are supposed to workout at 1600 with this new schedule, and I have to make sure I'm there 10 minutes early and all…I can't do anything wrong now with the spotlight on me. I arrived and walked around the gym without seeing anyone. I tried calling my boss…no answer. I hopped on a bicycle and started riding. Nobody every showed up! My boss called back about 45 minutes into my workout and said they were running late. They were going to work out at PHV, so he just told me to finish my workout and head home. I was starting to worry that I would get an FTR (Fail to Report) at a formation, because nobody told me anything had changed.

Another day down…only 1,082 days left…I just think I threw up a little in my mouth.

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