Friday, December 7, 2012

Snow - (Germany) Day 346

The Heidelberg castle all lit up above the Christmas Market

This morning I headed into my office and the chaplain didn't come in for a while. He had some appointments first thing in the morning. I basically just did some schoolwork and then played Plants Vs. Zombies on my iPhone until he came in. We talked a little about the plan for next week. I headed home for lunch and headed to the post office to mail off some presents to family back home.

Back in my office I spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out, not much to do at all today. I headed to my car at 1530 and grabbed my PT gear, then changed into everything in my office. Not too long after that the chaplain came in and said my boss just called and said we were released for the day because of the snow conditions. There has been a light snow all day and they wanted to get everyone home sooner rather than later just to be safe.

I picked up my wife and headed home, we then changed into warm clothes and headed down to the Heidelberg Christmas Market. Christmas is a pretty big deal in Germany and it seems every town has a Christmas Market with a number of vendors selling gifts and food. Glühwein is a specialty that you'll see served at a number of the booths. This is a hot wine that will warm you up on the cold December days and nights. At first I thought hot wine might be nasty, but after giving it a try it turned out to be pretty tasty. The Heidelberg Christmas Market not only has all the vendors, but also has a merry-go-round and an ice skating rink setup.

Walking down the street towards the Heidelberg Christmas Market

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