Thursday, December 20, 2012

Swearing - (Germany) Day 359

Just a random photo I saw on Flickr showing just how big the
satellite dishes are at our company headquarters in Landstuhl
(I never took a photo myself worried that it might break OpSec rules) 
It's Thursday and no sergeant's time training…I can be thankful for at least that today! I headed into work and read for a while as usual, I guess I'm starting to get used to this "new" job of mine :) I spoke with the chaplain about 0900 and he asked me to get the TMP ready and topped off for our trip today. That gave me something to do for the morning I guess. I took the van over to Patton barracks (about 5 minutes away) where the TMP fueling point is and filled it up. All TMP vehicles can get "free" gas at this point. We just have to log in the odometer reading and log it in our log book.

After getting back, I read a little more and then headed out at 1000 for an early lunch. I headed home and watched a little more of the Ultimate Fighter. I got a call from SGT Mex asking what I had planned today. It turns out that if I wasn't taking the chaplain to Landstuhl, they were going to have me ride with our platoon sergeant up to Landstuhl anyway. I learned that I have to see our XO when I get up there…bummer, I had planned on just hanging out in the van and reading.

We ended up leaving about 1200 for the hour drive. The drive had a lot of conversation between me and the chaplain. We discussed everything from my current situation to world war II. When we arrived I headed into the XO's office not quite knowing what to expect. It turns out he wanted me to fill out a sworn statement. He had me write a few questions down and then answer them on a special form. The questions were like "did you receive OpSec training" and "did you commit opsec violations in your blog". There were a couple other similar questions. He told me I don't have to fill it out if I don't want to, or I can seek legal help first. I figured I would fill out the basics…yes I did have OpSec training at some point earlier this year, I don't know exactly when. No I didn't believe I committed any OpSec violations while writing my blog. I signed it and that was it. I left and went out to the van and waited for the chaplain to finish his thing.

We left a little earlier than his usual visits because he wanted to make sure and get back for some PT. On the way back I mentioned to him that I actually wouldn't mind working for him the rest of my time here. He said he would love to have me and hopes they can work something out. I guess I'll just wait and see what will happen. I do plan on going to JAG at some point during our short week next week. The chaplain said he'll be gone on leave next week, so it will be a good time to take care of any issues I need to.

We got back a little before 1600, so I changed and then texted my boss letting him know we're back and I'm heading to the gym. I eventually saw my boss in the gym and we chatted for a bit. I had a good workout on the weight machines…then took off for the day.

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  1. Looking back on this after everything that happened, I think this sworn statement was their attempt to have me incriminate myself. I don't think they could find anything actually incriminating in my blog, but they were still pissed off, so they were hoping I would write something down in a sworn statement that put me in trouble. I did write down the truth, but I made sure to choose my words very carefully. I'm not that stupid. I just shake my head now when I think about all this crap that they put me through.