Thursday, December 13, 2012

More of that Sergeant's Time Training - (Germany) Day 352

This morning everyone had to meet at the bowling alley parking lot at 0630 in the morning to head out for training. We weren't told much at all about the training, even if it was inside or outside…only that we had to bring full battle rattle. I can't wear mine and I've let PFC Ski borrow it because he hasn't been issued his yet. I did dress for the weather though, with what we call our "ninja suit" on underneath my uniform. It's kind of like army issued long johns and help keep you warm. I also wore my polar fleece and brought along a snack…always good to be prepared.

After arriving at the bowling alley we found out that we were going to Mannheim, we took a TMP and a few people's cars. SPC Mac and I hitched a ride with SGT Mex. We were the group of misfits I guess. SGT Mex is getting chaptered out for being overweight, SPC Mac is getting medboarded, and me…who knows what's going on with me.

We arrived in Mannheim and ate breakfast at the DFAC before starting training. The training took place in a conference room, so all the full battle rattle gear that everyone had to bring sat in a pile in the corner of the room. Why did everyone have to bring their gear…who knows? We sat through a lot of PowerPoints on everything from modern warfare to escalation of force all so a box could be checked off stating that yes…we've done this training that has nothing to do with our current jobs or environment. My point of view has not changed with our army training…a complete waste of time and resources.

I was lucky enough to be able to leave at lunch time with SGT Mex. He had an ACAP appointment that he had to get back for, and the chaplain mentioned he may need a ride to Landstuhl so I had to be back as well. After eating lunch, I headed to my office only to find the entire building locked. I sat in my car and did some schoolwork while I waited. I finally saw someone unlock the doors and head in, so I followed. The sergeant there said the chaplain should be back any minute…so I waited in the conference room either reading or playing games on my phone to pass the time. 1430 came and went…the time the chaplain said he wanted to go, with no sign of him. I waited until about 1530 doing the same thing and then headed over to do PT.

I met up with the rest of my platoon in the gym and found out that we have a day off tomorrow! That's great news…a nice surprise for once! My boss also talked with me for a bit wondering if I've heard anything about my investigation….not a thing. We talked for a bit, then I finished my workout and headed out.

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