Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Surprise Garbage Duty - (Germany) Day 350

This morning I headed into my office as usual, I spent the first half hour just doing schoolwork (reading my textbook). I figured it's a great way to start the morning, drink some coffee and get some reading out of the way. The chaplain doesn't come in until about 0830 or so…so I have a little time to kill. At about 0830 I got a call from SGT Mex and was told that I have to do AIC detail. AIC detail is basically post cleanup…a.k.a sanitation engineer…a.k.a. garbage man. It doesn't surprise me that I was picked to do it, but I was surprised that they told me so late in the morning.

I quickly left and headed home, then promptly changed into an old worn out uniform and my old boots. I arrived at the AIC office here on PHV and along with another guy, we were told that along with the normal cleanup we needed to get some furniture out that someone put in a dumpster. We headed out and I knew something was up with this guy because he was a PV2 (E-2), but looked older. I found out that he got into some trouble about a year ago and has been basically sitting at a desk doing nothing everyday. He volunteered to do the AIC detail everyday in order to give him something to do. He was an MP and while out drinking a buddy of his beat up a German, putting him in the hospital. Even though the guy wasn't actually involved in the fight, he didn't stop it, so he went from a specialist (E-4) to a PV2 (E-2). He is barred from reenlistment, which means that he can't gain his rank back…he's stuck at a PV2 until he gets out. All from an unfortunate night out drinking. His buddy that actually did the fighting is in jail…I think he said for 5 years!

So we checked all the garbage cans around post and picked up any large items people left out. We then headed to Patton Barracks and checked their garbage as well. We found the dumpster in question and were able to get two large recliners out of the dumpster. This required me to jump in and help push them out to him. Luckily there wasn't much else in the dumpster. We finished off the day by checking the garbage at the shopping center and then taking it all to the recycling center on PHV.

We were done by lunch and I was released for the day. I met my wife for lunch and then headed home and finished my reading for school. I took a little nap, and then the phone rang. Unfortunately I have the only key to my office…and they need to do an inventory check of the computer and printer in there. I had to drive in and bring the key to them…from now on I'll just pick it up in the morning and drop it off each night before I leave…no more surprise phone calls. I had come in my workout clothes, so I just hung out a bit in the office and then headed over to the gym. I was told today is cardio day, so I rode the stationary bike once again and did a little core work on the machines before leaving. I like having this PT schedule after work because we get a longer time in the gym and I feel like I get a better workout. I also get to sleep in a little…I hope we keep it this way!

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