Monday, December 17, 2012

Reading Time - (Germany) Day 356

This morning I headed into work and after I arrived I found out that the lady who has the key to my office is gone. The chaplain wasn't in yet, so I headed to a small conference room and started reading my school textbook. I might as well get a little schoolwork done while I'm waiting. Well this went on (with some small breaks to play some games on my iPhone) until lunch. The chaplain never came in and I ended up doing nothing.

I went home for lunch and then headed back and did a little more of the same as before, I had finished my chapter for school, so the reading I did in the afternoon was just my entertainment reading (Game of Thrones…book 3). At some point the chaplain did come in, he said he had a meeting in the morning and has physical therapy shortly. He told me to just keep reading until PT since I couldn't get in my office. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing just that…reading until it was time to head to PT. It feels very strange, I have no idea what's going on with my future here or in the army. I hear there is going to be a town hall style meeting on Friday letting everyone know where they are going, but I don't even know if I'm going to the meeting or not. I don't hear anything anymore. When I went to PT I just started doing my cardio on the stationary bike. Usually I wander around for a while looking to see if we are having a formation, but it seems that half the time we do and half the time we don't with this new schedule. So I guess I'm going to stop worrying about it until someone says something. As I was riding I saw one of the sergeant's from the ComSec office come in, I waved and he acknowledged me…so I guess that's good enough.

My boss eventually came in and talked to me for a little. He asked if I had heard anything about going to Landstuhl tomorrow. I said no, I haven't heard anything yet. He said he overheard people talking about it…I guess if it does happen, I'll hear about it last minute…typical.

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