Thursday, December 6, 2012

God is My Co-Pilot - (Germany) Day 345

This morning I dropped my wife off at work and then headed into my office. I sat in there and looked around for a bit, picked up some of the larger items of trash on the floor and found a 73rd Signal coin…hmmm I guess the guy in here (the old chaplain's assistant PCS'd and because this base is closing, they did not replace his position) before didn't want the garbage it goes. I didn't do much of anything until the chaplain came in a little before 0900. We chatted for a bit, then he decided to check on the weather. We had planned to drive to Landstuhl today, but I keep hearing it's going to snow. We found out there is going to be some snow flurries, so to play it safe the chaplain wants to leave at 1130 so we can head back before it gets too late. This means he wants me to go get the TMP at 1100 to make sure everything is good to go and we can leave by 1130. This also means that I have to take lunch early…so I took off and headed home for lunch. I was still finishing my coffee while eating some left over lasagna.

I picked up the TMP, a large cargo van was the only thing they had left. So here I come to pick up the chaplain in a large yellow cargo This also meant that when we arrived at both places we went, that we had to get out and let the guards search it with their dogs….D'oh! I just waited in the van at both places and either read my textbook, or played Plants vs. Zombies (I'm addicted). There was no way I wanted to be seen by our first sergeant or commander…I just don't feel like getting yelled at today. We ended up staying in Landstuhl until almost 1700, the plan was to be back at around 1500…so we were a little over. I guess there were a lot of people he needed to speak with. There were indeed snow flurries and at one point while I was waiting in the van I started to get a little worried…the snow started to come down pretty hard. No worries though, by the time the chaplain came out everything had stopped and the roads were fine. After dropping the chaplain off, returning the TMP, and driving home it was about 1830.

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