Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TMP License - (Germany) Day 78

This morning's PT was in the gym and was muscle failure day. It consisted of a number of push-ups and sit-ups. Unfortunately my stomach muscles failed a lot earlier than I would have liked them too. I'm going to have to work on that part of my body soon.

Work this morning started out at the driving center. I had to get my TMP license this morning and met up with SGT Black at the office. When I arrived she was already there and I sat down, showed my current license for Germany, then signed a few things. After that the guy handed me my TMP license. I guess we got hooked up, because there is supposed to be a small class that is supposed to be taken before getting your license. Much easier than when I was in Korea and had to take a 2 week long class before getting my TMP license.

I then headed back to the office at which point I was sent to the armory to clean my weapon. Everyone that went to the field had to eventually get over to the armory to clean their rifle. I worked on mine until lunch time. It was accepted on my third try turning it in. I cleaned it and of course each time I turned it in, the sergeant would tell me something was still dirty. Part of the problem is the tools we are given to clean the rifles with, the other part is that this guy will see a speck of dust and then hand it back to me.

I ate lunch in the office and then ended up sorting about 800 encryption cards by their serial number for the rest of the day. These were sorted at one point, but in our NCOIC's frantic search to find a missing card she scattered them everywhere. It passed the time anyway…I finished that and then had to inventory and close the safes before leaving.

I headed over to the shopping center on post to purchase a new hard drive for my computer, then headed home to eat and finish the rest of "Game of Thrones" with my wife.

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