Friday, March 2, 2012

Landscaping Day - (Germany) Day 67

Our work call this morning was at 1000 to give us a little recovery time from the FTX. Once we arrived to work, we heard there is a chance the sergeant major of the army may be coming to our post. What does this mean? It means that me and SPC Matrix were chosen to help out the battalion with a detail. We headed over and found out that we would be raking leaves and sweeping the sidewalk. There are leaves everywhere and a sidewalk that goes on for what seems like miles. SPC Matrix starts raking leaves and I start sweeping the sidewalk. We break for lunch at 1130, I head to my car and listen to the radio while eating.

At 1300 we have to report back to battalion. The NCO looks over our work and then tells us he wants the sign washed and all these tiny leaves picked out from various areas. SPC Matrix was a little pissed. He felt like this is something that should usually be given to people assigned with extra duty (people in trouble). It wasn't too bad though once we started, we did it and finished it pretty quickly and then we were done with the day's detail. Unfortunately my hands aren't used to manual labor…I'm a computer geek you know…I developed a blister….grrrr.

Once back at the office we were released at 1500 after given a safety brief and turning in our weekend checklist. Mine basically said I'm staying at home all weekend because I have staff duty tomorrow. I then headed over to pick up my wife from work and we headed home for a relaxing night.

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