Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Postman - (Germany) Day 86

This morning's PT was muscle failure day. We actually did a lot of varying exercises. Of course we did push-ups and sit-ups, but there were others like "the fire hydrant" and "the mule kick" thrown in as well. We also did way too many overhead arm claps (kind of like a jumping jack, but only moving your arms). We basically did it past the point where I couldn't do it anymore. It was a good workout, but we got up and down so much in the muddy grass that our PT uniforms all got pretty muddy. I don't really care about getting muddy, but the problem is I had to take off my coat and lay it inside out to drive home. I also have to wash it all tonight because I only have one coat and one pair of pants. Just a minor pain in the butt.

I continued my work as a mailman today. The day started out placing 3 big stacks of the yellow parcel notice tickets in people's boxes. Once I finished that I hung out with the sergeant at the front desk until opening time at 1100. The sergeant was put here while he is being med-boarded. He was a tanker and now will serve out the rest of his days in the army as a mailman until he gets his medical discharge.

The day went similar to yesterday except for the fact that I did not give out any wrong boxes and I was also much more proficient at finding everything. Later on in the day a young high school kid joined our group and helped out. His dad (a major in the air force) told him to volunteer and then he would buy him "stuff". So far the kid said he hasn't received any "stuff" even though he's been volunteering since July. My guess is that his dad wants him to learn a work ethic. He was a nice enough kid and did a good job.

Not much exciting until the end of the day when a guy came in and handed me a parcel ticket that was about 3 weeks old. I searched for the item, but it was nowhere to be found. He wouldn't take no for an answer, so I had the high schooler double check. Still a no go. My guess is that the guy already picked it up, or it was sent back or something. Still this guy wanted to see a manager…one of the civilians came up and tried to help the guy and then finally a higher level manager as well. I don't know what the guy wanted, the package was not there and I couldn't just shit one out. Finally the upper management guy told the guy we would keep an eye out for him and he finally left.

1700 came around and I left as well. Headed home with my wife and started on schoolwork once again. I came to the conclusion that I will not be able to learn how to program java via this online class. All I'm doing is getting farther and farther behind while the class moves on. I can learn a lot of things on my own, but any programming class will have to be done in a normal classroom environment. The decision came after this last week of struggling to just keep my head above water in the class. I'll be looking into what other options I have, but will most likely switch to a different degree. Anyway right now I need to study to take my Apple recertification exam. So much to do!

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