Monday, March 5, 2012

Playing Operator - (Germany) Day 70

PT this morning was a little strange. We started to head off for PRT in the racket ball court, but our NCOIC came in at the last second and told us to head to the gym, we're going to work out with the HHD company today. Once there we ended up doing P90X. There was a laptop hooked up to a projector with little speakers on it. Everyone was already started and we fell in the back of the formation and started along with them. I give it a big thumbs down…not because I think P90X is stupid, but because all these exercises were new, so I would end up watching the video for about half the exercise to see what the heck they were doing. I couldn't hear anything from the tiny little speakers. A lot of the workouts put me in strange positions that I just couldn't do, so the entire workout was a bit of a joke. I do think if P90X is done correctly, you would probably be getting a great workout though!

At work it was just me and SGT Black in the main part of the office. Everyone else either had appointments, or they were getting their 4-day that they missed because of the FTX. I ended up doing nothing except surf the web in a limited capacity and answer the phone when it rang. When I say surfed in a limited capacity, I mean the powers that be have blocked quite a few sites, some of them even army related sites. I'm not sure why, but now we cannot access much of anything. Luckily Yahoo News still worked and I was able to read the news.

Being the lowest ranking person in the shop, I knew I would end up getting tasked out to do stuff. It's happened a little before…someone will let our NCOIC know that they need a certain number of people for either a detail, or just bodies in an audience. I found out this week is going to be full of such events. Tomorrow I will again see the SGM of the Army for a town hall meeting. I did this once while I was in Korea as well. We got to hear him tell everyone how the army will be trimming the fat, how he doesn't like tattoos, and how he wants the PT test to be tougher…such as adding a 12 mile ruck march to it. I can't wait to hear it all again...LOL. I also found out I'll be attending some sort of training on Wednesday that requires me to have my full battle rattle…WTF? Friday I will attend some newcomer training since I'm fairly new. Yay me. At least I will have the weekend off. I can't wait for it…and it's only Monday!

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