Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bed Arrival - (Germany) Day 93

PT this morning was a run off post. Unfortunately since I've been working in the mailroom, I was not told to come dressed in civilian clothes. So here I am with my PT uniform on, while everyone else has their civilian clothes on. I was going to bring my iPhone to use runkeeper, but my phone didn't have enough charge. We made a similar run before and it was a little over 3 miles. My legs were still pretty sore from my PT test yesterday, but I pushed through it.

Work this morning was another day in the mailroom. Like I said yesterday, I'm not sure how long some piles of mail would just sit around. There were some piles from the beginning of the week still sitting there. I was able to get a few piles out, but I ended up getting called back to my office to take care of some business. I had to submit some paperwork for an FTX that I have to do. I still haven't been given many details about it other than the dates. It's coming up and it's a freakin' month long. I'm not too excited about going…other than I'm supposed to actually be doing my job when I go. I guess I'll hear more when it gets closer.

Back in the mailroom I headed up front to help with customer service (getting people their packages). For some reason the day was really busy. At one point there were three of us working the counter and the line still stretched through the hall. Everyone is doing some spring shopping online I guess.

I left early to be home in time for our long awaited bed to be delivered. I forget what I've said already, but long story short…we didn't ship our huge bed from the states because we weren't sure if we would have enough room in the housing here. We ordered a bed from the PX in January because we knew it could be delivered to our house. We then bought a smaller guest bed at IKEA along with some other furniture on a shopping trip with SPC Whirlwind and his wife. We rented a van for that trip. Since then we've been sleeping on the guest bed with just the mattress laying on our floor thinking it would be a couple weeks before our bed arrived from the PX. After many delays we found out the frame we ordered was on back order. We then decided to just get rails instead…waited and waited. We checked back and after a few phone calls we were told it would be coming soon…waited and waited. Finally it is now here and being delivered.

I was at home waiting and around 1530 they finally came. The nice thing is that not only did they deliver it, they set it completely up and took out all the packaging that came with it. I'm looking forward to a great nights sleep…probably the best since I've been in Germany.

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