Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slow Mail Day - (Germany) Day 91

This is where I "Pitch Mail" take big piles of unsorted mail and get it 
somewhat organized so it can be taken to the mailboxes grouped together

This morning PT was pretty easy for me. I'm scheduled to take a diagnostic PT test tomorrow, so instead of doing normal PT me and a few others who are taking a PT test tomorrow just stretched and then walked until PT was over. My goal today is to try and take it easy and drink a lot of fluids.

Work was again in the mailroom this week. When I arrived, I found out that a couple of the civilians had called in sick and others had to leave to go pick up mail…so we we're on a real skeleton crew. I was put to work right away "pitching mail". There were piles and piles of magazines and other various pieces of mail sitting in a corner. I had to take it and sort it into boxes. Each box represented a hundred mailboxes (i.e. 100-199, 200-299 etc). I spent the morning doing that until we opened for customers at 1100. At that time I went up front and worked customer service.

I didn't realize until now how slow this mail system can be. Because people called in sick, there was a lot of mail that just would not be delivered today. I did a lot of pre-sorting the mail, but it just sat in those slots all day never making it to the mailboxes. If all the military mailrooms are like this one I now understand why the mail is so slow to arrive.

Nothing real special about the day other than a lot of mail not being delivered. I hydrated quite a bit which in turn caused me to have to frequent the bathroom often. I then headed home and spent some quality time with my wife.

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