Friday, March 23, 2012

Spending Money - (Germany) Day 87

This morning's PT was a little bit of a run…well I can't really call it a run because we did a lot of walking during the entire process. I ran with the leader conducting PT because I wasn't sure of the route we were taking. He ran last to make sure nobody got lost and because of this we had to slow down quite a bit at times to let others stay ahead. I'm not complaining, I didn't feel like working out at all so a light jog/walk was perfect. I also found out I have a diagnostic PT test this Tuesday.

Work was in the mailroom once again. I spent the first part of the morning stamping what seemed like 5000 pieces of mail as "Undeliverable as Addressed". These were all pieces that were either not addressed correctly or the people have since left and the mail is considered junk mail. I knew a lot of mail was returned, but I was pretty amazed at just how much gets returned from a small office like ours. I can't imagine how much gets returned to senders from large post offices.

The day was uneventful. After all the stamping, I worked up at the counter doing customer service. Even though the pace was slower, time still passed by pretty quickly. I left early, a little before 1600 and headed to the shopping center to meet my wife. We purchased tickets for my kids to fly over this summer. We are pretty excited to see them for the summer, but I have to tell you 3 round trip tickets to Germany is freakin' expensive! There goes the entire tax return…but it will be well worth seeing them. I can't wait!

We also were able to schedule our bed to be delivered. We had ordered one back in January, but due to back order issues and a whole number of things it has taken forever for everything to arrive. We didn't ship our own bed from the states because we were not sure if there would be enough room in the base housing. We've been sleeping on a smaller guest bed we purchased from Ikea here up until now. It will be nice to get a larger bed that is not sitting on the floor. I will then put together both the guest bed and our bed once it arrives.

Once home we packed and prepared for our weekend trip that starts tomorrow. We'll be heading to Edelweiss lodge and resort for a marriage retreat. We get a free stay and will attend some classes in the morning each day, then have the rest of the day off to explore. I also don't have to work at all on Friday so it's a win win situation!

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