Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dead HD - (Germany) Day 77

This morning's PT was a run. We ran off post, but headed out the back instead of the usual run down the main street. We headed off small roads and paved trails with our sergeant having to backtrack a couple times until we found a large open paved field (like a parking lot, but without painted spaces…not sure what it's used for). Once at the field we did some sprints back and forth, then headed back to the post. It was a great workout…so great in fact that I had to walk some of the way back to post…I left it all out on the field sprinting.

The morning at work consisted of surfing the net, then eating lunch. I then was able to spend some time working on schoolwork in the afternoon at work. The only real work related thing I did was inventory the safes. Something that has to be done anytime they are opened…a long process of verifying we have everything that should be in there before we close them up.

Once home we continued watching Game of Thrones (season 1). I have my wife hooked, she's even in the process of reading the books while we watch the show. We will be all prepared for the start of season 2 coming soon!

In other news I was going to upgrade my OS to 10.7 on my main desktop computer. Right in the middle of the process my hard drive completely dies. Luckily I had everything backed up, now I just have to purchase a new replacement drive and start the process of restoring it back to it's former glory.

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