Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Korea) Days 123 - 124

A photo of area that is kind of like an outdoor mall...and very expensive

Saturday: I slept in as usual, but I woke up through the night with a number of coughing fits. I forgot to take my NyQuil. I will only take it on the weekends because I need to be able to sleep until the effects wear off, or else I wake up in an altered state and I can't go to work like that.

I contacted the young hawaiian and PFC Pickle to make sure they were ready to purchase tickets for the DMZ tour next week. The USO closes at noon today and it was already 0930, I know it takes these two a while to get ready. I ate breakfast and video chatted with my wife. I then got ready and had the young hawaiian meet me at my room. We both left and met PFC Pickle on the road outside of my barracks. It was 1100 and we made it to the USO with a little time to spare.

I thought that was all we were going to do, but both the young hawaiian and PFC Pickle were hungry. The young hawaiian wanted to go anywhere except on post, so we headed down the street and hit the first restaurant we saw. Luckily the menus had both Korean and English on them, so we could point at what we wanted. The food was great and I was stuffed by the time we left. After that the guys wanted to go shopping and the young hawaiian suggested a place called Myeong-dong. We took the subway there, which we are all getting a little better at navigating. Myeong-dong is kind of like an outdoor mall. It is also very expensive, so we all ended up just window shopping and laughing at the prices. I can't imagine people paying $250 for a pair of Levis.

We ended up taking a taxi back for some reason, PFC Pickle just didn't feel like riding the subway. I bought everyone ice cream when we got back, since they bought me lunch earlier in the day. I then went and got a hair cut and headed back to my room for a nap. After my nap I got started on homework. I had a lot of it and ended up doing that for the rest of the night. I also would help my roommate with English questions he had. He's been studying to take an English test so he can go to a university in the states. He's pretty fluent in English, but there are some things that trip him up. Later on in the night he left and brought me back leftovers…boneless chicken and pizza…mmmm

Tonight when I go to sleep I don't forget my NyQuil.

There was an interesting character with his own little portable microphone
and speaker - I think he was telling everyone the end of the world was near.

Sunday: Slept well with the help of NyQuil. I woke up and did laundry and continued on my school work. I video chatted with my wife and did some more schoolwork. Finally I got out of the room and went to the gym to work out. My goal is to score at least a 240 on the upcoming PT test. I'm not sure exactly when it is going to be, but I want to be ready. I just hope this cough goes away beforehand. I came back to my room and showered, then headed out to the food court. I took my laptop and used their internet to download some entertainment while I was there. I was able to watch some NCAA basketball which was nice, I really hate not having a TV. While I was there Shamadillo from Ft. Gordon happened to walk by and say hi. LOL I heard he was here, but this was the first I saw him. I wonder how his unit likes him. Wonder if he still tries to sham out of everything. Later on the young hawaiian came in and we chatted for a while until the game was over.

When I got back to my room I went online and took the re-certification test so I can remain an Apple Certified Mac Technician. It took longer than I expected, but I was able to finish and pass. So I am now certified for another year…woohoo!

I have to go in early tomorrow for a special PT, so I'll be turning in early tonight.

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