Thursday, April 7, 2011

Radioactive Rain - (Korea) Day 129

A typical motorcycle seen on the streets of Seoul. These guys fit all kinds
of stuff on the back of their motorcycles & scooters.

Work call this morning was 0700 to setup for yet another DADT meeting. We don't have to do much except turn the system on, so it was pretty easy. This was the only meeting scheduled for the day, so I thought we may get off early…fat chance.

After we turned the system on, I hopped on the computer and was able to finish my final SkillPort for the week. I then started setting up the second computer in our control room. Since we got a new computer we will now have two in the control room to share between us which will be nice. I was able to get it all setup except for the network cable…I'm gonna have to search around and see where those are stored.

SPC Roy grabbed me and we headed out with the office car. I had an appointment to get my passport photo taken. There is a place on post that will take passport photos as well as the photos for our ERB for free. So we arrived there and I ran in to have my picture taken. We cannot have them taken in uniform though and even our tan undershirt counts as our uniform. There is a spare button up shirt that they keep there on stand-by for soldiers to use in case they don't bring any other clothes…like me. What's funny is that there are a number of people that use it. Even SPC Roy's passport photo was taken in the same shirt, so there are a whole bunch of folks out there with that same top on in their passport photo which is pretty funny.

As we left there was an SUV that was honking at us and waving…SPC Roy couldn't figure out why or who it was. We headed off to the ATM machine so I could withdraw some cash. When I came back out SPC Roy asked me to check the front tire, he said it didn't feel right and sounded funny as he was turning around. Well that's because it is flat…now we knew why that SUV was honking and waving. Now my whole plan was to stay inside as much as possible because the news has been saying that we will be having radiation rain coming down today because of the nuclear disaster in Japan. I'm sure it is very small doses, but who wants to hang out and soak all that up? Turns out we both spent quite a bit of time out in the rain. We had to change the tire and put the spare on. It's a long process because the little jack and tools that are in the car are a pain in the butt. We finally get the tire changed and drove it over to the TMP (Transportation Motor Pool) where we were going to go anyway to check the car out for another week. Before the TMP though, we had to stop at Starbucks to get some coffee, this was going to take a bit. Not only does the TMP check our car out to us weekly, but they also have the car wash, the gas station and the mechanics. We had to get the tire fixed before we could check it out again. After waiting about 30 minutes or so, we had a fully inflated and patched tire on our office car. We then proceeded to gas it up and check it out for another week.

When we got back to the office it was time for lunch, so we ended up heading out with Special K to the KATUSA snack bar. I love that place. They have great Korean food and it's only $5 for a filling lunch. When we got back I found a civilian guy who had a box of cable and all the tools I needed to make my own network cable…woohoo I'm actually doing 25B work. I made a cable and hooked up our new desktop in our control room. I hooked up a printer to it as well and shared it for the other desktop up there. This is the first time I actually spent more than just a few minutes doing 25B work. Wow.

I was able to use the new computer to update the events calendar and start a new SkillPort. Not too long after though I was told to clean up the office and then we could go. We ended up leaving about 1630, which is better than 1700 I guess. I got to my room and did some schoolwork and ate a snack. I've found that I've been eating small breakfasts, a large lunch, and usually only some trail mix for dinner. Since I was sick I started eating much less than before. It's just not the same eating microwave food all the time. I can't wait until I'm back with my wife and can have some good home cooked meals. I will probably gain a few pounds :)

To wind down the night I watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. What a strange movie. I saw the previews so long ago I pretty much forgot what it was about. I have had it on my computer for a long time, but just never got around to watching it. It's basically a mix between a movie and a video game. Not at all what I expected. It had me chuckle a few times and I watched the whole thing, but it was strange. The lead character has to fight his new girlfriend’s exes if he wants to continue to date her and all the fighting is similar to the fighting video games you can play. If you’re a fan of the fighting video games you may get a kick out of this movie.

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