Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IMO & Paperwork - (Korea) Day 134

The building where I'm taking the IMO class. The 1st Signal Brigade emblem
shown there is the patch I thought I was going to be wearing when I
first found out I was heading to Korea...little did I know.

Work call this morning was at 0800 once again because of my IMO class. The first half of the day for class we went over the procurement and disposal process for IT equipment. OMG I can't believe how much paperwork is involved when you want to make any purchases. What a pain in the ass! Then if you want to get rid of something, there is a whole mess of paperwork that has to be done as well. It's no wonder there is a bunch of old IT crap all over the place in our supply room and even in the control room in our conference room. Nobody wants to or may even know how to do all the paperwork to get rid of it, so it just accumulates. They showed us a great idea of how we can check out a website to see what unused equipment is out there. If we want some for our office we can request it, but we have to submit…guess what…..more paperwork. I'm starting to think that the job of an IMO is just filling out paperwork all the time. I imagine it will be a bit easier once I actually do it a few times, but I'm guessing in my limited alternate IMO position I'll have during my stay in Korea that I will not be doing much paperwork.

For lunch I went back to my room and had a PB&J sandwich and video chatted with my wife. Lunch time is perfect for video chatting because of the time difference, I normally do not get the chance to do so when I'm at my normal job…so this is a nice treat.

When I got back to class we had a new instructor. She happened to be Korean and I could hardly understand anything she said. Her accent was pretty bad. I don't think anyone was really paying attention. I looked around and saw people surfing the web or checking email. She basically showed us a way to enter our IT assets in a web based database. The idea sounds good, but in practice it's cumbersome to input and then viewing the data is limited. I think it would be easier just to use a spreadsheet, which is going to be my project when I get back to the office. Our master sergeant in admin just emailed me an old one and asked me to update it. Who knows how old it is, so I may be updating everything on it.

After class I swung by the office to pick up a package that arrived for me. Always love it when that happens. It was filled with all kinds of goodies from my wife and her parents. I then headed to my room and changed to go work out at the gym. After a good workout I showered and changed, then headed to the food court to download some more entertainment. I decided to take Tuesdays off from school, so I'm not doing it every single night. Tuesdays are the start of the school week and I just need a night off to take it easy and relax my brain. After spending a couple hours there I went back to my room and watched a TV show on my laptop. Now I'll be turning in.

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