Thursday, April 28, 2011

PMI - (Korea) Day 150

PMI: SPC Mick with his big He looked like the guy from Space Balls in it.
(It was an XL borrowed from Special K) This was how we practiced our site alignment.

Work call this morning was at 0830. We setup for two meetings, one in our conference room and one in the top secret conference room. After that we all put on our full battle rattle and headed out with our sergeant in two cars. We headed across post to a field for "PMI". It's funny that the army uses acronyms non-stop. Half the time I don't think most of the people even know what they stand for. I knew what we were doing, but I had to look up the acronym. PMI is Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction. Since we are going to the range next week this PMI is required. We met up with other soldiers from various offices and shops that were all planning on heading to the range next week as well. The instructor went over a lot of the basic safety and other important instructions. We then did a couple of drills with the rifles. These drills were the same exact drills that I did in basic training.
One of the drills had us practice site alignment. During this drill a partner holds a little silhouette on a piece of paper and while looking down the site on our rifle, we tell them to move it in a certain direction until it matches up with our site. Once this is accomplished they mark it with a pen. We do this three times and hope to have all three marks close together. The second test was to have us keep the rifle still while squeezing and releasing the trigger. A quarter was placed on the end of the barrel and we had to squeeze and release 6 times in order to pass. It was all pretty basic stuff. The stuff I hated doing in basic because it seemed like we did it over and over and over again.

We signed off on the attendance sheet (the key to getting access to the range next week) and headed back to the office. We setup for a meeting and then Special K and I ran off to the Sweet and Treat snack bar by the office to pick up lunch. I had them make me a sandwich and we headed back to the conference room for a working lunch. I had to flip slides during this conference, but it wasn't too bad, I was able to watch some NBA while the conference was going on. I just had to pay attention and click the little arrow key when I heard them say "next slide please".

After we cleaned up from the conference our KATUSA, SPC Mick and I headed down to the secret conference room for some training. When we arrived we almost caused a security breach. We weren't told, but it was a US only meeting and bringing in the KATUSA was forbidden. Ooops. We had training on how to flip slides for a special meeting that is lasting all day tomorrow. We are going to take turns doing this all day…sounds like fun.

We then all had to turn our "I love me books" into our sergeant for inspection. He wanted to make sure we have been keeping them all up to date. He also found new covers and dividers he wanted us to use because they are cooler I guess. We then cleaned up the office, cleaned up the top secret conference room and then left.

When I got to my room I just kicked back and relaxed. It's a little strange not having any schoolwork to do. I ended up downloading some entertainment and went on a TV show watching marathon. I'm still trying to get caught up on all my shows that I've fallen behind on since going to basic training and AIT. It's nice just to sit back and veg out for a while.

Overheard Quote: "Oh Prick! Why did it do that?" (some civilian intelligence guy trying to fix some of his PowerPoint slides during our "slide show training")

A view of where we were conducting PMI. This shows you just how 
close we are to downtown Seoul.

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