Wednesday, April 13, 2011

IMO & The Cleaning Lady - (Korea) Day 135

A picture I took on one of our hikes up to Seoul Tower...sometimes you see some
strange store names when walking around town - I'm afraid to "meet meat"

Work call this morning was at 0800 for my IMO class. Today we went over a number of things including CAC card problems and solutions. IA (Information Assurance) this is basically a reminder of what the users should be doing to keep the system secure. We also went over legal issues, our instructor had a lot of legal background and gave us a number of examples of things that have happened in the past in regards to breaking the law on government systems. Pretty much a normal day in class.

What isn't normal is the cleaning lady in this building. There is an old lady who doesn't care what is going on in the men's bathroom when it's time for her to clean it. There can be dudes going pee at the urinals and she'll walk right in and start mopping the floor around them. I've kind of figured out her routine, so I just skip going to the bathroom during our first break.

Not a whole lot different than yesterday, I went and worked out after class. I was expecting to use a treadmill, but they were all full, so I rode a bicycle once again. I guess around 1630 is a pretty busy time in the gym, I don't care for it too much…but I need to get in as good of shape as possible before my PT test. After the gym I went to the food court once again to download some entertainment. Seems funny that even though I have internet in my room, I still go to the food court for internet. Since I have a monthly limit on my room internet, I don't want to go over it. I also have found that at times the food court can be even faster. I got a lot of stuff downloaded this evening!

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