Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy B-Day CPT Hooah! - (Korea) Day 147

Work call this morning was at 0715 although I'm not quite sure why it was so early. We had to setup for a ceremony that was at 0830. Normally we come in an hour before any meeting and even less for a ceremony because there is less to do. Anyways we all arrived and setup for the ceremony in our conference room. This consisted of moving all the flags to the front of the room and placing some reserved seat covers on some seats. After the system was turned on I went on the computer and started doing SkillPorts. I'm happy to say that I was able to finish all 5 of my required needed for this week. Now I can start doing the longer ones that I'd like to get done.

After the ceremony we had to move everything back to normal for a KUB meeting and get that setup. It was a very very small meeting with only a few folks attending, so it was very easy. We then had our Monday morning uniform inspection. It was pretty informal which was a little surprising to me. We all just gathered around our sergeant in the conference control room and he checked us out one at a time. After a few minor adjustments on our KATUSA we were good to go. Our sergeant informed CPT Hooah! the inspections had been done and he seemed happy enough with that. The rest of the day was spent doing SkillPorts, watching some NBA playoffs, and trying to watch a movie in the conference room. That always seems like a great idea, but we have never been able to actually finish a movie…which drives me nuts. We always get called away for something.

I ended up doing some minor 25B work today. I helped out CPT Hooah! set his display settings so he could extend his desktop on two screens. I then was able to get the local admin username and password for a secret computer in our admin department and install some video drivers for it so it too could have an extended desktop on another monitor that was added to it. This whole process took over a week because I had to put in a help desk request to actually get the drivers downloaded. We can't download much of anything over the network for security reasons.

We had a little birthday celebration for CPT Hooah! today. He got the ceremonial candle and ice cream as well as a card we all signed. Unfortunately I was the ice cream holder, so I couldn't snap a photo…and that was about the only photo worthy event of the day.

We were let off from work at about 1630 and I headed to my room and just read my book for a while. When my roommate got in we headed over to the neighboring barracks where my sergeant said he left me a TV. For some reason he left it in the 3rd story day room, which is about as far away from my room as you can possibly get. We walked in and took the TV and carried it back to our room. There were a few KATUSAs in the room and watched us probably wondering what the heck we were When we arrived to our room we couldn't' actually hook it up yet, I need to get a cable at the PX tomorrow. After that I should have some TV in my room, that will be nice to be able to watch some sports and such. To tell you the truth I've kind of grown accustomed to just watching TV shows on my laptop. Of course I have to wait for them to download, but there are no commercials which is awesome!

Found out we have to go in extremely early tomorrow for a hike to Seoul tower again, so I'm outta here.

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