Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hike To Seoul Tower...Again - (Korea) Day 141

Before our hike up to Seoul Tower. From left to right...
our KATUSA, Special K, & SPC Mick

We had to report in front of the office this morning at 0530 for PT which was a hike up to Seoul tower and back. We wore our body armor (without the plates) and assault packs full of crap. I had two 2 Liter bottles of water in mine along with some other miscellaneous items to fill it up. It was a pretty good work out.

When we got back I headed to my room and got ready for work. I was able to video chat with my wife for a bit and then arrived at work by 0900. The help desk was finally able to reset the local admin passwords for all our machines, so now I can finally get some work done. I started in the admin office by installing Adobe Acrobat Pro on all the new machines. The versions they gave me were all upgrades, so when it came time to start them up they wanted an older serial number to verify that an older version is owned. None of the numbers they had typed out on a little piece of paper would work. Grrrr. Luckily they did have one full version (non-upgrade) that I was able to install on all their machines. What a pain in the neck.

SPC Roy called and wanted to go to lunch. We met up and went to the food court. He's loving his new job. They focus a lot more on PT because they have a regular schedule which he needs. He said PT was really tough this morning as they carried a litter (a stretcher) with a person on it. They had to run all over and carry it all sorts of ways.

When I got back we setup for a meeting in the top secret conference room. I then checked my email and updated the events calendar. So many things are duplicated and done so stupid here it can drive me nuts. There are a number of events calendars that are created for various purposes among a number of labor intensive time consuming projects that have to be done quite a bit. I then put in a couple of help desk tickets to get some problems fixed. Since I'm the alternate IMO I am one of the few people that can now put in these tickets.

We then cleaned up the top secret conference room and then cleaned up the office. Unfortunately we couldn't leave because there was a ROK meeting going on in our conference room and we had to stay until they were done so we could shut everything down and lock up. It was almost 1800 by the time they left.

After I got to my room and changed, I decided to treat myself to a Baskin n' Robbins 31 below (Oreo flavored). I also brought my laptop and downloaded some entertainment.

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