Friday, April 22, 2011

Boot Cleaning 101 - (Korea) Day 144

Cleaning day in the conference room...complete with the white glove treatment.
SPC Mick on the left & Special K on the right.

Work call this morning was at 0830. The day's schedule was pretty slow with only one meeting that we had to setup for. That meeting ended up getting cancelled so I thought we may be let out early since it was Friday and all. Our sergeant mentioned that we would be watching a movie in the conference room at lunch and did indeed say we would probably be leaving at 1500 or 1600.
I started the day updating the events calendar and then working on a SkillPort. I also printed out my 5 certificates for this week. Sometimes getting 5 done can be tough in a week, so I end up doing a lot of easier ones. These are shorter ones and I usually just take the tests until I pass in order to complete the session and get the certificate. When I have the time like today I actually go in and do the longer and harder courses. I actually go through the course and take the test at the end the way they should be done.

Since we had the extra time today our sergeant wanted us to clean up our conference room…a deep cleaning. We put on some gloves so our finger prints would not get on the glass that covers the conference room tables. We picked up the glass and cleaned the underside of the glass and the wood table it lays on. It's amazing how much crud gets under the glass!

I then left with Special K to the small shoppette next to our office "The Sweat & Treat" to pick up some lunch. I grabbed a couple slices of pizza and we headed back to our conference control room and watched some NBA while eating lunch. After lunch I did a little 25B work. I hooked up a docking station for CPT Hooah! and also fixed the email issue our supply sergeant was having. Today her demeanor was totally normal, I'm just glad I don't have to work with her on a daily basis.

Our sergeant then told us all that we had to print out the latest Army Board Study Guide. This is the manual that soldiers study to try and pass the board. It contains all kinds of information about everything you ever wanted to know about army weapons, policies, procedures and anything else you can think of. I think it was over 300 pages and we printed three copies…we were killing trees today! This is all part of the changes that CPT Hooah! is going to bring to our office. I guess each week we have a subject we need to study because we'll be asked questions. As I was punching holes in the pages and putting together my binder for the study guide our IMO came and started talking to me. She is an air force sergeant and when she asked me if I was going to be busy for a while I had to tell her yes. We were all required to meet up with our sergeant and learn how to clean boots. She thought I was joking, but unfortunately I wasn't. She started laughing and couldn't stop. She then said all of us army people are crazy. CPT Hooah! is now going to make us all have a uniform inspection every Monday, so the boot cleaning is something that we'll need to do each weekend to make sure our boots and nice and clean. I'm thinking I may wear my new boots they issued me here just on Mondays and then wear my good Converse boots the rest of the week…we'll see. I guess I'll get my hair cut as well this weekend so that will not be an issue during the inspection.

SPC Mick had to bring in a pair of his dirty boots so our sergeant could then show us how to do a proper cleaning. We all watched and when we were finished we had to vacuum and shampoo the rug in then conference room. We did some cleaning up in the control room as well. When we finished we cleaned up the office and then left. It was early…it was about 1655…LOL

When I got to my room I took a nap. I then got up ate dinner and watched a TV show. I have a microwave in my room and live off microwave food unless I go out to eat. I wonder how healthy that is? I try and purchase things that aren't too bad, but I'm really starting to look forward to being back at home with my wife and eating normal home cooked meals.

I then did my schoolwork and decided to watch a movie. I copied this movie called "Blood Out" from my sergeant earlier this week. I was thinking it was a movie called "Blood In Blood Out" which I heard my sergeant and another sergeant talking about. I guess it's a classic gang movie based on a true story. This movie however was not that movie. It was more of a B movie that was about gangs. It had some good fight scenes which I always like. It even had Val Kilmer in it as a boss of one of the gangs. Wow…he sure looks a lot different than the days of Top Gun! This movie was about a cop who's younger brother wants to leave a gang and go straight. He's in love with a girl and she won't marry him unless he quits the gang life. The gang kills him because of this and the older cop brother goes under cover on a vigilante quest to get revenge. For a B movie it was pretty good.


Thanks you putting a picture of my son on you web site.  We are always asking him about what he does, but we get the standard pat answer.  He has referred us to your blog site.

Our daughter has two blog for the world and one pesonal, which is where we see pictures of Hugh, our grandson.

Didn't know they called him "MICK" ?

Sarah McCormick

Sunday, April 24, 2011 - 12:02 AM


Ask Mick about HBOTOGO

Sunday, April 24, 2011 - 08:19 AM


LOL....our office is a little unique in what we do in the army. I don't think they have an MOS for coffee server and janitor, so they just throw random people in this office.

As for the name...I always use nick names for everyone I write about in my blog.

Sunday, April 24, 2011 - 11:51 AM

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