Friday, April 8, 2011

Demigod Card - (Korea) Day 130

Yes...they have The Outback Steakhouse in Korea...a little taste from down under
Work call this morning was 0830. I love it when we have a normal work call. It allows me to get up, brew coffee and most chat with my wife before I head to work. The day started off pretty good. When I got to work we had no meetings scheduled, so I went down to the admin office and did a little 25B work…imagine that! I installed printers on their new computers and swapped a computer for the master sergeant there. I had to copy her profile from one to the other. I found out though that my "god card" must only be a "demigod card". I only have limited powers when using it on the computers in the office. A very simple thing such as installing Adobe Acrobat Pro is not allowed with my limited powers. I had to put in a request to get the local admin password setup on the machines. This local admin password will expire in a week. What a pain in the butt…they really tie our hands here, I understand that they want to keep the machines as locked down as possible in order to keep everything secure. I'll find out more of the official procedures next week during my IMO class.

I then went to lunch at The Outback which is right off post. There is a specialist in our protocol office that is leaving and this was her going away lunch. I ate quite a bit, I will not need to eat anything for dinner that is for sure. When I got back into the office I went back to our admin office to tie up some loose ends with the new computers and then helped out SPC Mick get all setup with the SkillPort website. Now he too can be required to do at least 5 a week. He asked if he could do more and I told him no worries, just only turn in 5 per week to our sergeant…we don't want our requirement to go up. I know our sergeant wants us to get a lot of promotion points, but when we are required to do so many in a short period of time, we don't learn anything from them.

We then cleaned up and left around 1630. Not a whole lot going on today in the office. I then headed back to my room and took a nap…gotta love those! It's Friday night, but I'm not going out and doing much because I have to get up tomorrow and go see some communists. We're going on the DMZ tour tomorrow and have to be at the USO at 0730. So the only thing I did was go to the food court with my laptop and grab an Oreo "31 below" from Baskin n' Robbins. I then downloaded a bunch of entertainment for the weekend. When I got back to my room I did my schoolwork and watched a TV show (new season of The Ultimate Fighter!!). Now it's time to go to sleep.

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