Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Germany) Days 520-521

This weekend was a little different, as we had no car. Usually not having a car in Germany is no problem. Their public transportation is awesome, but living on our post (PHV) is like being on an island. There is no public transportation to speak of, in fact the taxis can't even come on post. So without our car, we were pretty stranded here on PHV. We did want to make it downtown at least one more time, so we called a taxi and walked off post to catch one. Taxis are expensive and just the short trip downtown costs about $20…round trip is double that, so you have to think twice anytime you decide to take one.

We walked around downtown, did some last minute shopping and had some ice cream. The nice thing about Europe is that there is an ice cream shop on every corner at least…and it's good stuff. There is something that is just better about the ice cream here and I'm going to miss it. It was actually a little sad walking around knowing that this would probably be our last time in downtown Heidelberg. It's a great city and we have loved living here.

SPC Mac and his wife came by in the evening and picked us up for dinner. We headed to one of our favorite restaurant and breweries in a neighboring town and had our own farewell dinner. One thing about my life in the army so far is that I've met some pretty cool people, but the bummer is that they are always limited in of us is always moving because of the army. Of course I've kept in touch with everyone through Facebook, but it's not the same as hanging out with them.

Sunday we ended up spending most of the day deep cleaning our house. We have to get it all cleaned up by Thursday morning when the inspection happens.

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