Friday, June 21, 2013

More SHARP - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 13

Saw this on the way home...a portable toilet!

We had our normal PT formation and right after accountability we were all told to head into the WTB multipurpose room for some SHARP training. Of course more training to "check the box" is exactly what the army needs to solve it's sexual harassment and assault problems.  We started to watch a video, but it was streaming from YouTube and about 3 minutes into it, it froze. The cadre were unable to get it working again, so we went straight into questions and answers. After a couple of these I was able to get up and leave. Fortunately I came in my ACUs because I had an early appointment.

This appointment was to start the actual MedBoard process. So far I've just been seeing doctors and such to treat my current symptoms, but the MedBoard process to get me out of the army hasn't actually been started yet. This appointment was basically just going over some of my records and making sure everything such as my name and address were correct. He then scheduled me for a MedBoard briefing next Monday and an appointment with a MedBoard doctor next Wednesday.

I headed to the SFAC and used their computers to finish up my mandatory training and do a little web surfing. I then headed to my car to hang out, listen to music and play games on my iPhone. I did this until lunch time. I had lunch at the SFAC as usual and then headed out to what was supposed to be the end of day formation at noon, but only one other guy showed up. I guess we didn't get the message that there was no formation, so I took off and headed home for the weekend.

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