Friday, June 28, 2013

Unaccompanied Baggage - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 20

This morning I had my unaccompanied baggage scheduled to be delivered. Unaccompanied baggage is sent off early before you PCS and in turn arrives earlier than your household goods. You can put stuff you'll need sooner (such as pots, pans, and clothes). We mainly shipped summer clothes along with all my army uniforms and gear that I had left.

My squad leader unfortunately didn't pass along the information that I would not be at morning formation this morning, this prompted a call from another squad leader who was filling in for him while he was off as well. The call came in at 0630 in the morning and I explained that I had talked to my squad leader and would not be there due to my unaccompanied baggage arriving.

Transportation originally gave me a window between 0800 and 1700, but the driver called me and said he would arrive around 0930. He did arrive and they dropped off our 10 boxes of items. I signed for them and they took off…pretty easy.

I then get a text around 1100 that we have a mandatory formation at 1400 today unless we have an appointment. There is no way I'm going to make the hour drive to Ft. Lewis which I have to cross a toll bridge to get to, just to stand in a formation and hear a lame safety brief. I replied back to the text saying I will not be able to attend due to my unaccompanied baggage arriving today. I figured I have more important stuff to do...I still have to put everything away and I still need to go back and visit my sister some more.

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