Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Day Without The Uniform - (Germany) Day 524

This morning PT formation was at Campbell barracks. Since I don't have a car and I'm also clearing, I just had to call the platoon sergeant and let him know I'm alive at 0600. Once that was done I went back to sleep…which by the way was much better last night than the previous night thanks to a muscle relaxer. My head on the other hand is feeling a little better, but still in pain.

When I did get up I spent the morning with my wife getting ready for the day. We then continued to clean our house. I took a number of loads either to bulk trash or straight to the dumpster depending on what they were. Our place is completely empty now except for the government furniture and our suitcases we will be taking with us. Just a few things left like our bedroom curtains and our comforter will be thrown away tomorrow. My boss called and said one of my co-workers was on the way to drop off my clearing paperwork that our commander finally signed and sent back. I was afraid we would have to make the hour long drive up there just to make sure he signed it.

We made a stop by the post office to mail off some packages both to others and even ourselves (stuff we didn't want to pack). We ate lunch out and then I got my haircut. Now I'll be good to go when I arrive in Ft. Lewis. We came back home and did some more spot cleaning. An acquaintance of mine from back in high school came to the post and I signed him in. He's lived in Germany for years and wanted to do a little shopping in our commissary before I left so he could get some things he's been missing (such as root beer) that they don't sell out in the German economy.

I came back home and hung out with my wife for the rest of the evening. I took down a couple more loads of trash even including the shower curtain once we took our evening showers. The inspector comes first thing in the morning tomorrow and we'll see if all this cleaning was worth it or not.

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