Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Narrative Summary - (MedBoard: Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Day 18

I headed to formation in my ACUs. I didn't have any appointments or anything, but I was extremely tired most likely due to taking a muscle relaxer too late last night. There was no way I could do PT this morning. In fact I've been losing interest in doing PT at all. I really want to get back on a normal PT schedule, but when my head is in pain I have no desire. I also have no desire to do it with this company.

After formation I headed back to my car where I passed out for over 2 more hours! I felt better after that and headed to the SFAC to use their computers. I guess I arrived during rush hour at the SFAC because all the computers were being used. So I waited in the lobby playing on my iPhone for a while. When it seemed nobody would be leaving anytime soon, I headed to my car and continued watching a few more fights from UFC 161 on my laptop.

I headed to the SFAC again at lunch time and was able to check my email, then eat lunch. I headed to my next appointment which was with a MedBoard doctor. She was making up my narrative summary, which will get sent off to the PEB (Physical Evaluation Board) which will use that along with the rest of my medical records to decide if I'm still fit for duty, or if I'll continue through with the medboard process and get medboarded out of the army. The narrative summary is basically a summary of my issues listing my limitations and such. I did one with a doctor in Germany before I left, which made this appointment a bit easier. The doctor asked me a bunch of questions about my limitations, pain, and basically everything about my neck and head pains along with the history of treatments. With this information and the previous narrative summary, she will put everything together and send it off.

I headed to the SFAC and was able to get on a computer where I finished up my online ACAP briefing. ACAP (Army Career and Alumni Program) is the process soldiers have to go through before they leave the army. It helps with the transition process and helps prepare the soldier for life in the civilian world. I had to go through the brief and choose various things I was interested in finding out more information about (such as employment opportunities and education). The ACAP counselor will then take all this information and go over it with me on my next appointment. I believe I will then be scheduled to attend various other ACAP briefs based on my answers.

I signed up for my next college class. Now that I have internet at home I need to get back to taking my college classes. One of my major goals is to finish my degree before getting out of the army. I have 6 more classes to go.

I headed to my usual hangout lately…my car. I watched some more fights from UFC 161 up until the main event. At this time I headed to our final formation at 1600. I'm not sure why they even have this final formation. I know I've mentioned this before, but it's really just a waste of time. We stand around and wait for an NCO. Sometimes we form up, sometimes we don't. The NCO usually just comes out and says he has nothing for us and takes off. Sometimes he says "get your self-assessments done" and takes off. Usually only about half the people even show up for this formation because of various appointments.

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