Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Iron - (Korea) Day 274

Kind of hard to tell from this angle, but this is a really wicked looking yellow
spider I came across while walking to the food court. I didn't want to get much closer
because it freaked me out...all those dots you see to the right were it's previous snacks.

Work call this morning was at 0830. When I got to work I headed straight to my office and checked my email and my promotion points since it's the start of the week. My current status is:

Military Education - 260 Maximum Points

Correspondence Course (Hours 1071) (Points 214)

I'm making progress, I only have 46 points left before I max it out. I was hoping to have it done by the end of August, but it will probably take a little while longer now that I'm splitting my time between schoolwork and SkillPorts. No matter what I still plan on having it maxed out before I leave Korea.

I headed down to the office and was told the new seating arrangement. We have a new female captain that has arrived and they are going to swap work spaces around between three people. I was tasked with getting this all done. Not only did I have to move all their crap, but I had to clean the desks and such. Not too bad, but it's amazing how much crap people accumulate over time! I then had to run to the multimedia shop on post to pick up a couple photos of the general.

I headed to lunch at the food court with SPC Roy. He had a pretty crazy weekend as well and told me all about it. When I got back from lunch I headed to my office and did some schoolwork before getting called down for another mission. I had to drive with our KATUSA and pickup the weapons rack we used for the exercise, then take it back to K-16 (near CP Tango). When we arrived at K-16 we found that they were having a training holiday, so nobody was working. We made the entire trip for nothing. We brought the weapons rack back and placed it in our supply office, I guess we'll try again tomorrow…after our NCOIC verifies that there is someone there.

I then had to bring my dress uniform down so my NCOIC could make sure everything was on correctly. We will be wearing these on Thursday for her promotion ceremony. She asked if I was going to iron my shirt. I wasn't planning on it and then I had to admit to her that I've never ironed anything in my life. Our sergeant's time training tomorrow is now going to be ironing instead of the new PT exercises…lol. Our NCOIC is going to bring in her iron and ironing board.

We then cleaned up and headed out. I had dinner in my room and then went to The Point with PFC Pickle. We swam laps for a while and then to our disappointment found out the hot tub was closed…bummer. I headed back to my room and did a SkillPort and watched a TV show before calling it a night.

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