Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2nd Day of Exercise - (Korea) Day 260

A picture someone took while inside CP Tango. This is a hallway inside the mountain.
Not sure how the guy was able to take a photo and post it on the web.

Work call this morning was 0430 for me. I woke up and quickly shaved, then grabbed my snacks and coffee and headed to get the van to pick up the augmentees at tent city. Once we were all back at the office, the augmentees drew their weapons and our KATUSA and I loaded our SUV with everything we needed for the trip to CP Tango. We headed out shortly after and I had a special guest in our SUV…our colonel. Surprisingly the ride was pretty smooth with very little traffic.

When we arrived our KATUSA checked on the setup for the first meeting and then waited to call "stand-bye" for the general. I then took the opportunity to use one of the laptops to complete my required yearly IA (Information Assurance) training. This is training that anyone who has access to the network must complete each year, or else you will lose your network access. The training is pretty simple and so are the questions. Most of it is just common sense about safe computer usage.

I then found out that our colonel was unable to log into the network with his laptop. It turns out that it has to be set to use DHCP instead of a static IP and I was unable to make the change because I didn't know the local admin password. Normally I would just use my "demigod" card and either change the password or just use it to make the change, but since we were not on our office network, my "demigod" card would not work….grrrrrr. I had to forfeit my laptop and setup the colonel's email on it so he could work. What a pain!

We cleaned up the morning meeting and unlike back at our office where we just take all the dirty dishes to have them cleaned, we have to clean them ourselves because there is no cleaning lady here at CP Tango. I can add dishwasher to my ever growing list of job skills I've gained through the army…lol.

I then sat down in the office and read a newspaper…..then I read another newspaper…then I started looking over the newspapers again to see if I missed anything…even the boring stories. There is a lot of downtime for us during the exercise and without a computer it is even worse. I had visions of doing massive amounts of SkillPorts…not today.

We setup for the afternoon meeting and then cleaned up our office in anticipation of our shift change. For some reason our shift change arrived 15 minutes late. I was anxious to get out of there, so after briefing Special K and SPC Mick on our current status I headed out to get our SUV. I pulled up to the entrance and waited…and waited. We ended up leaving an hour after shift change…WTF??? Hopefully it will get a little smoother as the week goes on.

We head back to the office and it started pouring down rain. There was so much…so fast, that a river was actually starting to form on the right lane. The drive back to the office was slow due to all the rain and a lot of traffic. Once we did get back I quickly fix the colonel's computer while I have it back on our network. It should be good to go for tomorrow now. Once the augmentees turned in their weapons I took them back to tent city. I thought about working out for a split second, but was having trouble just trying to stay awake, so I pushed that thought aside for now. I made myself dinner in my room and watched a TV show…I ended up falling asleep during the show for a bit.

I wake up and promptly take a shower. I feel all sticky as usual because of all the humidity here in Korea. That is one thing I will not miss. I then did schoolwork. I'm taking my last class of this year's TA (tuition assistance). I feel good that I was able to use all of the allotted money and I've made some good progress so far towards my degree. In October I should be able to renew for another year. There are a lot of rumors going around at this point that TA will be getting cut soon because of all the budget issues the government is having. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens with that.

Time to get some sleep before starting this all over tomorrow...

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