Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mid-Tour Leave - (Korea) Days 235 - 248

Not sure what was going on, but I'm guessing this is something that you'll only
see at a Korean airport.

Mid-Tour Leave was awesome! Let me first say that I flew on Korean Airlines and it was a most pleasurable experience. Their service was excellent and having an entertainment system with no extra charge at my fingertips was perfect. I was able to watch a variety of movies, documentaries, and the news at my leisure. It also included video games which is perfect for both the young kids and even the kids at heart.

During my leave I was able to visit with a lot of my friends and family. I attended my 20 year high school reunion. So strange seeing all these folks I went to school with and how they have changed over the years.

I spent much of my leave eating all the foods that I have missed during my stay in Korea. It seemed like I was gorging myself non-stop. I'll have to get back into a routine of working out and eating better. I should have a PT test coming up at some point before I leave Korea.

I checked my "Assignment Satisfaction Key" in AKO and found that I am indeed going to Germany, so I was able to let friends and family know where my next station would be. I was able to hang out and spend some quality time with my wife and children, but of course it all went by too quickly. It was very tough getting back on that plane and head back to Korea knowing that I will not see anyone again for another four months or so.

I arrived back at Incheon Airport near Seoul and was able to find the free shuttle back to Yongsan pretty easily. I ended up back at the garrison about 2000 and proceeded to get my leave paperwork signed at our battalion headquarters. The SSG on desk gave me an odd look because I had a full on beard…lol.

I then headed back to my room, unpacked and then pretty much passed out for the night. I didn't sleep much on the plane, so I slept great all night long.

Mick's Mom

WE MISSED YOU!!!  We are go glad you are back.  I have a big favor to ask of you, but don't want to put it on the post and please don't say anything to Mick.  Could you please e-mail me at and I will explain.


Monday, August 8, 2011 - 12:48 AM


This should be a good one!!

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