Monday, August 15, 2011

1st Day of Exercise - (Korea) Day 259

That box is where we stick all the confidential paper to be shredded. Not sure if a
KATUSA wrote that or what, but it made me laugh.

Work call this morning was noon. It's a ROK holiday and for some reason the 1st shift for the exercise was told they will be working the 2nd shift schedule for Monday only, while the 2nd shift works a normal day at the office. Our KATUSA and I are on the 1st shift along with our NCOIC. I enjoyed sleeping in and being able to video chat with my wife for a while. I headed into work about 1100 so I could check my email as well as my promotion points. My current status is:

Military Education - 260 Maximum Points

Correspondence Course (Hours = 918) Points = 183

This means I have 77 more points to go before I max out, I'm slowly getting there! I then helped out setting up a meeting down in the secret conference room before getting ready to leave for the exercise. We headed over to check out our weapons and it took forever for the augmentees to get all of theirs. I think we ended up leaving an hour later than planned. This exercise is going to be a little different with the transportation. We have the normal drivers and vans, but our NCOIC picked the best SUV and I have become her personal driver. It's kind of nice because I will not have to squeeze in the vans with all the other folks, instead I will just drive. I also don't have to wear all the gear because I'm now technically a driver.

We headed out to CP Tango and after arriving we spent some time straightening up the office, basically getting it ready for the next two weeks of exercise. One of the offices were selling chili dogs, so I bought a couple for me and our KATUSA. After that we had to go to a very long and boring brief about the exercise. A lot of people in a big room which got hotter by the minute. Finally we had another brief by the fire department and promptly had a fire drill complete with fake smoke and all. (Everyone made it out safe)

We then quickly setup for the next morning's meeting and then left. We drove back to the office and after the augmentees turned in their weapons, I drove them all back to tent city. I was also nominated to get up early and pick all of them up for the morning shift tomorrow morning…not much sleep will be happening tonight. I ended up getting to my room after 2200 and then taking a shower because I was all sticky from the humidity. (CP Tango gets pretty hot and humid as well, so working in there all day leaves you a sticky mess)

I go to bed at around 2300 and for some reason have a hard time falling asleep. Most likely because I know I have to be at work at 0430 and sleep time is slowly ticking away…..

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