Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to Work - (Korea) Day 249

A view of the sleek looking Incheon International Airport on the drive back to work

Work call was at 0830 this morning, but I headed in a bit earlier. I wanted to visit a website that I was emailed about my upcoming duty station in Germany. In AIT we were walked through the process of going to our next duty station, but here in Korea I think I'm going to have to figure out everything I need to do by myself. I checked out the website and it had a questionnaire, but that was about it. It has places for more information, but none of it has been filled in yet.

I then spent some time getting caught up on my email from being gone for two weeks. There were a few IT related issues that I needed to make notes of and take care of later. I then did a couple of SkillPorts. Seems a little strange doing them again since I haven't even looked at SkillPort since I've been on leave. I then met up with our KATUSA and SPC Mick to go over changes that have occurred since I was gone.

• Special K went on emergency leave of some sort, not sure about the details. This left the office pretty busy without two of us there.

• The new commander doesn't like sugar…he takes Splenda (so we have to bring him a few packets for every meeting)

• Our KATUSA is no longer allowed in the top secret conference room. I guess someone complained that he was in there and they didn't think any KATUSAs should be allowed. That means more work for the rest of us.

• Our sergeant finally left the Korean peninsula and is now gone. I'll miss him, he was my first NCO out of TRADOC and was a pretty cool guy. He wanted the best for his soldiers and he liked to play basketball!

We setup for a meeting in the top secret conference room. Our NCOIC then asked me to pick up some items using the office car, so I took it and met SPC Roy for lunch at the KATUSA snack bar. We caught up and I bought him lunch. I then picked up the items requested by my NCOIC and headed back to the office.

We cleaned up the top secret conference room and headed to the secret conference room to setup for another meeting. After that it was back to doing SkillPorts until the meeting was over and we could clean up. At 1700 everyone left except for me, I had to wait for a meeting in our conference room to finish at 1730, so I could shut everything down and lock it up. It was nice coming back to work on a Friday, I only had to work one day before the weekend…kind of easing my way back into work.

I headed back to my room and changed into work out clothes to head to the gym. I gorged so much during my leave. Now I have to start getting back into shape, I'm guessing I'll have a PT test in October or so. That should give me plenty of time as long as I stay on top of it. Although I would love to score a 300, my goal is to just keep improving from my previous score.

The weather here has been very hot. The sun isn't always shining, but it seems like it is always hot and humid. I start sweating as soon as I step foot outside. Luckily our office is air conditioned and my room air conditioning has been working.

I ended the night watching TV shows and doing a SkillPort. I couldn't physically stay up too late. I think I'm still affected by the jet lag. I'm hoping I recover by the end of the weekend.

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