Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8th Day of Exercise - (Korea) Day 268

Work call this morning was at 0430 as usual for the exercise. It was a normal morning with me picking up the augmentees and then staging all the vehicles. We left on time and arrived to CP Tango without incident. We setup for the morning meeting and then I did schoolwork. One nice thing about this exercise is that I've had plenty of time to do my schoolwork during the work day…even if there are interruptions from time to time.

My NCOIC came into my little office and started to take off her boot so she could scratch her foot that was itching. Our KATUSA came in and for some reason asked what color her socks were. She said green of course, that is the standard. Then she asked our KATUSA what color his socks were. He tried to change the subject, but she wouldn't be sidetracked. Finally he said he had white socks on. She gave him a hard time and then said he's her "soldier of the day". She gave him a hard time the rest of the day…lol.

I've been overhearing discussions about awards and coins for this exercise. I guess the new commander wants to significantly cut down on the number of coins that are given out. He wants them to have more value when someone does receive a coin. It made me doubt that I would be receiving a coin because they are being so strict with the process. If that's the case it would suck because since this is the first exercise for our NCOIC, she has relied heavily on me and Special K to train the augmentees and make sure everything runs smoothly. I have been getting up earlier than everyone on the first shift so I can pick up all the augmentees and staying later so I can drop them off. The only place I ever complain may be this journal, but it would be pretty crappy to put in all the extra work and not be recognized for it. I guess we'll see, the exercise will wrap-up this Friday.

We setup a few meetings and cleaned them and the 2nd shift actually arrived on time, I was pretty surprised. We left the earlier than we ever had previously and made pretty good time getting back. After I dropped off the augmentees and got back to my room I passed out again on my bed. This time when I got up though I talked myself out of going to the gym. My entire body is sore and I figured I would give it a day of rest. I almost went just to go in the hot tub, but it seemed to much of a pain to go all the way there just for that. Instead I did the usual…TV shows and more SkillPorts. The closer I get to maxing out my Military Education points the faster I want to get it done. One of the augmentees told me today that he found out that he just missed getting promoted by 6 points! I've talked to him before and he told me about his recent promotion board experience and how crazy it was. He was really looking forward to this promotion, but found out the cutoff scores today. The army publishes the cutoff scores for promotion each month. Each MOS has a different cutoff score which changes based on the needs of the army for that rank and position. He'll get a certificate of achievement for the exercise which is worth 5 points and I told him to get crackin' on the SkillPorts!!

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