Thursday, August 11, 2011

Floor It! - (Korea) Day 255

Work call this morning was at 0730. Special K and I had to drive a couple vans down to tent city and pick up the augmentees. When we all got back I found out that it would be only me going with the augmentees to CP Tango for the morning run. Special K had to take care of some other business and our NCOIC did as well. I took the lead van and sat in the passenger seat. I had the last of the augmentees that haven't driven yet take their turn.

My driver was a young PFC that said he hasn't driven in 3 years since his accident. Oh great! He was pretty nervous and any time he would change lanes or turn a corner he would speed up. I kept telling him that we weren't in a hurry and especially since we were the lead van, we had to make sure we didn't lose anyone in our convoy. I wasn't hard on him at all though because I remember the first time I drove the lead van in Korea during the last exercise! The other guys in the van were giving him a hard time though and it was kind of funny. They started playing an excerpt from Sponge Bob when he was in a driving class and as that is playing on the stereo the semi in front of us blows a tire. My driver freaks out and starts swerving and then floors it as pieces of tire are flying all over the place. Luckily there were no cars around us, so we didn't run into anyone. I had him pull over so we could check all the vans to make sure there was no damage and also to let him calm down a bit. Crazy!

We picked up and headed back to the office. Once back the augmentees all went to receive their security badges for CP Tango. After that I told them to go to lunch and meet back at 1300, so they got an extra long lunch. I helped clean up a few meetings and then I got a call from SPC Roy who just got back from leave and wanted to tell me all about it, so I headed over to his office and we ate lunch at the KATUSA snack bar.

After lunch Special K was back on the scene and took over the augmentee training. He took them out to CP Tango to start practicing the drop off and pick up from the tunnel. There isn't a lot of space, so it's good for them to get a feel for it. I stayed back and worked with our NCOIC to create a schedule for the exercise. We tried to pick out the best drivers and place them on the day shift when most of the action will be happening. Needless to say my driver today will not be a driver, he will be a TC (in the passenger seat assisting the driver). I will be working the day shift for this exercise yet again.

I headed over to the company to try and find out what I need to do next now that I have an assignment. They told me I need to go online and fill out a manual levy brief and turn it in as soon as possible. (This stuff drives me nuts, if it's supposed to be done as soon as possible they should have told me this earlier!) Anyway I went back to the office and tried to look it up, but the website is not working. I am now told that I have to go back to the company and get a hardcopy tomorrow…..grrrrrr. While at the company, the sergeant in front of me was telling the first sergeant that a general will be going through our barracks tomorrow. Crap!!!

I then did a SkillPort as well as some required OPSEC (Operational Security) training that we have to do before the exercise. I have to watch what kind of stuff I state here on the blog…don't want to give away any secrets. I try to keep my blog to the daily life of me in the army…nothing more…nothing less.

I overheard that we have a formation in front of our barracks, but I was never actually told. I don't really want to clean up a bunch of stuff that I don't contribute to. I already do enough of that in my own room. I'm not going to clean up our barracks because the people here are dirty. I headed to the food court after work and ate, then went to the library and read "Army Times". I headed up to the barracks after that, but when I got close I saw a formation…they must be still cleaning…I didn't waste enough time lol. I feel like I’m back in AIT trying to sneak away from formations again. I headed back to my office and did a number of SkillPorts. I haven't had the time to do many at work lately, so I felt like I was able to catch up a bit. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to the gym. I was motivated and everything, hopefully tomorrow will work out.

I headed back to my room a little after 2000 and saw that it looked like everyone was back in their rooms. I headed to mine, took a shower because it's so darn humid here. I then settled in, watched a TV show and then called it a night.

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