Monday, August 8, 2011

Driving Miss Daisy - (Korea) Day 252

This was put in all the augmentee's packets. It shows all the "off limits" bars in Itaewon.
They shouldn't be in Itaewon anyway because we are not allowed to drink alcohol during
the entire exercise. (They keep an updated list on the USFK Yongsan Website)

Work call this morning was 0650 for me. I got a call last night before I went to sleep from Special K letting me know that we both had to show up early and meet our NCOIC and get all the vehicles ready for the upcoming exercise. I'm still trying to get used to the time difference, I can't seem to keep my eyes open past 2130 and I wake up at around 0430 each morning….Uggghh!

I was the first to arrive and opened up the office. I sat down at one of the computers and checked out my promotion points since it's Monday and I had to do something to pass the time. I currently have the following:

Military Education: 260 Max

Correspondence Course (Hours 864) (Points 172)

So I have 88 more points to go before I max out my Military Education portion of my promotion points. I then started poking around seeing what I can find out about PCSing to Germany. Slowly people started to arrive in the office. Our NCOIC and Special K arrived and we left shortly after to the TMP (where we sign out the vehicles). Once we arrived we had 8 vehicles (a mixture of SUVs and Vans) to check out. We had to perform a "PMCS" check on each of the vehicles before we could sign them out. PMCS (Preventative Maintenance Checks and Service) is basically a checklist that we perform to make sure everything works as it should on the vehicle (i.e. lights, signals, doors, etc). Unfortunately it was raining for the entire process, so it kind of sucked. It takes a while to do a decent job. One SUV had a rear tail light that didn't work, so we couldn't take it, and another was missing the warning triangle and lug nut wrench. This wasn't a deal breaker as the TMP said we could pick them up at the Dragon Hill Lodge car rental office.

We then proceeded to each drive a vehicle back to the office after gassing them up. The second time around we brought some guys from our protocol office to give us a hand. After that Special K and I headed to the Dragon Hill Lodge car rental office to pick up the previously mentioned items. By this time it was lunch, so I had Special K drop me off at my barracks. I then video chatted with my wife for a bit while eating. I don't talk a lot because I'm stuffing my face, but it's always nice to see her and hear her voice.

When I headed back my NCOIC and I took one of the SUVs and picked up one of the first augmentees that had arrived. An air force sergeant had been flown in from Hawaii to participate in the exercise. She was in "tent city" but there was a little confusion on if she would be staying there or another location. We picked her up and when she found out what she would be doing she said "They flew me all the way from Hawaii so I can be a driver?". LOL…sometimes the military does some funny things.

Speaking of funny things…we ended up driving this poor girl around the post stopping at a couple places, making phone calls only to drive her back to "tent city" and drop her back off. Tent City is a bunch of permanent tents that are setup for augmentees to stay in during exercises. They are similar to the tents that I stayed in during the "Capstone" FTX at the end of my AIT. Sleeping on a cot is not much fun. This particular sergeant said she was deployed and had a lot better accommodations than what she has here in tent city. I'm glad that during the exercise I just go to CP Tango for my shift and then come back to the comfort of my own room.

When we got back I was able to do a few SkillPorts, but nothing close to the amount that I normally get done on a Monday. Before too long I was called by my NCOIC. I had to create packets for the augmentees that were going to get briefed tomorrow. I had to print out a number of copies of all kinds of information including command policies, bus routes, a map of Yongsan Garrison and much more. Everything an augmentee needs to know while they are here for the exercise. It was a pain in the butt, because after I printed everything out, I had to staple a number of the items together before putting them all in the packet. After 1700 SPC Mick and our NCOIC came up to help me finish. We were able to get everything done a little before 1800, then we packed everything up and we took off for the day. Although I wasn't totally free…I am on call in case any augmentees come in and get lost. I have the keys to one of the SUVs and I will have to go down and pick them up, then take them to tent city.

By the time I got back to my room I was tired, parched and hungry. Needless to say I didn't go workout as planned. I had all intentions to, but when I work late it kind of throws everything off. It might be good to rest a bit anyway, my whole body is pretty sore from the workouts I've been doing the last three days. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get off on time.

I spent the rest of the night watching TV shows and doing a couple SkillPorts. 88 points left…and counting down!!

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