Friday, August 12, 2011

Got The Levy - (Korea) Day 256

The augmentees hanging out in front of our office. This is where a lot of their
time was spent while waiting to go on the drives. The cover provided a little
shelter from the heat.

Work call this morning was at 0730. As usual for this week me and Special K took the vans down to tent city and picked up the augmentees. They all received their schedules, so they know what shift they will be working, who will be the drivers, and who will be the augmentees. The first shift then drove to CP Tango and then K16, then back to the office.

I helped out with setting up the secret conference room for a meeting and then ended up going to lunch in my room where I video chatted with my wife. After lunch I headed to the company to pick up a hard copy of the levy brief that I need to fill out in order to get the the process started so I can get my orders. Special K took the augmentees back out to CP Tango so they could practice some more pickups and drop-offs in the access tunnel, so I was free from augmentee duty for the day. I helped clean up the secret conference room and then gathered office supplies together for us to take to CP Tango.

I then had to wait for a conference that was going on in our conference room to end before I could leave. It lasted until 1800 unfortunately. Grrrr! Since I worked late I ended up not working out. Instead I headed to my room and rested for a bit before watching some TV shows and doing a SkillPort before going to sleep.

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