Tuesday, August 23, 2011

7th Day of Exercise - (Korea) Day 267

Since I can't take photos at CP Tango, I figured I would take some around post 
of various landmarks. This is The Dragon Hill Lodge, The Point is 
located around back and below the hotel.

Work call this morning was at 0430…starting the normal exercise routine once again…at least until the end of the week when it's over. I picked up the augmentees and staged all the vans. We were all ready to go, but we were missing our NCOIC which was pretty strange. We still had 15 minutes until departure time, but normally she is there long before then. I gave her a call and she had just arrived. Turns out a cab hit her while she was riding her scooter into work. The streets in Korea are a dangerous place. Luckily she didn't get hurt and her scooter didn't sustain any damage. I guess the taxi bumped her and knocked her over, it could have been a lot worse.

We headed over to pick up the weapons for the officers and then took off. We still made it on time to CP Tango. Our KATUSA and I setup for the normal morning meeting and when it came time to call "stand by" our KATUSA was nowhere to be found. I stood near the door of the meeting room keeping an eye out for the general. Finally our KATUSA came, but he was so late we couldn't switch places. I usually don't ever call "stand-by" because I don't like to do it, but I was stuck this time. Our KATUSA gave me "the signal" that the general was coming. Usually we do something funny to let the other know it's game time and to get ready. Our KATUSA stared at me and started pulling his ear over and over again. I nodded and started laughing. The general came up and when he was about 10 feet from me I turned and headed towards the conference room. I was hoping there would be some officer standing near the door with his back towards me when I yelled so I could scare the crap out of him…no such luck. I yelled "Stand by" and then let the general walk in.

I then spent time doing schoolwork until the meeting was over and we headed up to clean up. At this point it was time for me to teach my class. My NCOIC gave me the subject of "semi-centralized promotions" last week to give a class on today. My students were my NCOIC and our KATUSA LOL. Luckily this is a subject I had previously checked into thoroughly because I wanted to know exactly what I needed to do in order to get promoted. I had a slide show already that my previous sergeant sent to us, so I went through the slides explaining the new system and what has changed. I also threw in that I've personally maxed out my civilian education and I'll have my military education maxed out before I leave Korea. Gotta let my NCOIC know that I'm not fooling around here.

I had some ramen with the ROK soldiers in our office and our KATUSA. After lunch we just hung out at the table and came up with silly games to play by flicking a piece of candy at each other to pass the time. Finally the second shift arrived only a few minutes late and after briefing SPC Mick and Special K we took off.

Once back and after dropping off all the augmentees, I headed to my room and passed out for a half hour. I then woke up and headed to The Point to go for a work out. After that I slipped into my usual routine of watching TV shows and doing a couple SkillPorts. SPC Roy stopped by for a bit to vent because right after he arrived at CP Tango for his night shift, he got sent back to Yongsan to drop off an urgent packet for his office. He needed to blow off some steam about an E7 in his office, then he was good to go and headed back.

Time to try and get some sleep now…..

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